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Your Vacation Resort Guide to Orlando International Airport


Are you flying into Orlando on your way to your vacation resort? Here are some things you’ll want to know about the airport:

When you land at OIA, you’ll exit the aircraft via a jetway into the gate area in the airside terminal. Each airside terminal has a hub; follow the signs to the hub. In the hub area, you’ll find a variety of facilities, including restrooms, telephones, restaurants and shops. You’ll also see the boarding area for the train that will take you to the main terminal and baggage claim. International passengers will be required to show their passports at the Immigration checkpoint; after that, they will recover their baggage and proceed through Customs, and then will be directed to the train boarding area.

The scenic ride to the main terminal takes just 68 seconds, but provides an exciting view of the airports landscape and waterways. When you arrive in the main terminal, follow the directions to the baggage claim areas, either A or B.

The main (landside) terminal and the four airside terminals offer an abundance of dining and shopping resources. Free wi-fi access is available throughout the airport terminals.

OIA has a stunning permanent art collection on display. The specially commissioned pieces were chosen to reflect Florida’s warmth, brightness and natural beauty while also serving as a wayfinding element for travelers.

When your vacation is over and you must leave your resort to return home, you’ll find check-in for departing flights on the third level of the main terminal. Check with your airline or note the signs as you approach Orlando International Airport to see whether you need to be on the A or B side of the terminal. You may check in with the skycaps at the curb if you are traveling within the U.S., or you may go to your airline’s ticket counter or use one of the self-service kiosks. Overhead signs will direct you through security and to the boarding area for the train that will take you to your gate.

You’ll find Orlando International Airport an attractive, user-friendly facility appropriately designed to serve one of the world’s leading vacation destinations.

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