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Spend the Day With Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida is a dream destination for families with young children. Located next to LEGOLAND, this charming park brings the whimsical world of Peppa Pig to life with delightful attractions, interactive play areas, and thoughtful accommodations to create an inclusive visit for everyone. FantasyWorld Resort is one of the leading Kissimmee resorts and offers a vacation package with LEGOLAND, so it’s easy to add a visit to Peppa Pig’s park!

The park boasts a variety of attractions that bring the world of Peppa Pig to life. Ideally designed for the enjoyment of little ones, it features six rides, six themed playscapes, and a water play area.

Hop aboard Peppa’s Balloon Ride for a gentle aerial view of the park or enjoy Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster for a bit of excitement suitable for young riders. George’s Dinosaur Adventure lets kids ride their own dinosaur through a scenic trail, enjoying interactive elements and playful surprises along the way. On a warm Florida day, the Muddy Puddles Splash Pad is the perfect place for kids to cool off. Water jets, fountains, and more make it a refreshing way to beat the heat while having fun.

Beyond the rides, the park features several interactive play zones that encourage imaginative play and exploration. Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse offers a sensory-rich experience with various plants and gardening activities and an interactive playground. Active kids will love Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour and George’s Tricycle Trail. These areas allow children to pedal around on safe, kid-friendly bikes and trikes, navigating through whimsical paths designed just for them. George’s Fort area invites kids to engage in creative play, enhancing their social and motor skills.

Peppa Pig Theme Park has made significant efforts to be inclusive and accommodating to children with autism. The park is a Certified Autism Center (CAC), with all attractions and rides having Sensory Guide signs describing how the experiences can affect each of the five senses. In addition the park is wheelchair and accessible friendly. Quiet spaces are available throughout the park, providing a serene environment for those who might need a break from the excitement. This thoughtful approach helps families enjoy the park with peace of mind, knowing their children’s needs are considered and met.

When it’s time to refuel, the park offers a variety of dining options that cater to different dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegetarian choices. The gift shops are filled with Peppa Pig merchandise, allowing families to take home a piece of the magic.

Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida is a delightful destination for families with little ones, offering a blend of fun attractions, engaging play areas, and inclusive accommodations. FantasyWorld Resort, one of the leading Kissimmee resorts, also offers a variety of activities and amenities to appeal to a wide range of ages, so make your reservation today so the whole family can enjoy a spectacular vacation.

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