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Healthy Stay # One Program

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Introducing Our

Healthy Stay # One Program

Healthy Stay # One Program

Healthy Stay # One ProgramSTAY. HEALTHY.

Your Health. Your Safety. Our Promise. The health and safety of our guests and team members is and always has been our top priority. Our commitment to you is to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier resort that ensures hospital-grade protection for you and your family.

Our expanded associate member training programs include the use of CDC-approved disinfectants and sanitizers, and advanced protocols for cleanliness standards in all areas. To take our resort to this superior level of cleanliness, we have launched our HealthyStay#1 program. To oversee training and adherence to these new standards, the resort has added a full-time Health & Safety Compliance Manager.

At our check-in desk, you will experience touchless payment scanners or the utilization of ultraviolet light technology to disinfect every touchpoint. Feel free to throw in your cellphone and car keys during the registration process; it is perfectly safe to do so. This UV technology inactivates the virus that causes Covid-19 and other germs in just 60 seconds.

Townhome cleaning procedures always include fresh, clean sheets and towels that have been laundered and sanitized using disinfectant detergents. All china, glassware, and flatware is loaded into the in-unit dishwasher and washed using a CDC-approved sanitizer. The townhouse china and flatware inventory were adjusted to allow for having only one dishwasher cycle. Owners and guests will arrive to find the dishwasher sealed and loaded. The pots and pans are hand-sanitized for your protection.

Our housekeepers use CDC-approved disinfectants to clean all surfaces, with extra emphasis on touchpoints, including TV remotes, light switches, door knobs, stair railings, etc. Our guest services directory and all other non-essential items have been removed and the information made available online or on the unit tv’s hotel channel. Our team members are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety and yours and guest-use hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the common areas.

The final step before sealing the unit is to treat the entire townhome with electrostatic misting technology sprayers using CDC-approved disinfectants. This process rapidly cleans and disinfects whole areas, including walls, tile floors, and carpets. A seal placed on each personal townhome door indicates that no one has accessed the townhome since it was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

With all the comforts of home, the FantasyWorld Resort is uniquely positioned to offer extended-stay accommodation solutions. The townhomes are independent units. There are no common corridors, no elevators, and no shared stairways. Each 900+ square-foot townhome has its own central A/C unit. Park and walk directly to your own front door, put your groceries in your own fridge, cook your own meals, do laundry in your own washer and dryer, and soak up some sunshine on your own patio. Your Health. Our Promise. HealthyStay#1

HealthyStay#1 Plan Features:

  • Hospital-Grade Protection
  • UV-Light Disinfected and Touchless Check In Procedure
  • Electrostatic Misting in Townhomes and Common Areas
  • Extra Focus on All Touchpoints
  • Advanced Team Member Training
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Health and Safety
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