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Come meet Bear E. Drooley


Bear is a pure-bred St. Bernard born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania on 07/24/2020.  He left home at the tender age of eight weeks old to move to Florida where he spends his days welcoming vacationing families to FantasyWorld Resort.  Bear loves to stroll around the resort to meet people and to give everyone an opportunity to give him a massage.

He also enjoys being included in family photos and asks everyone to send him a copy of their pictures with him to his personal email:

Bear works several days per week and makes appearances on select dates at the FantasyWorld Resort.  Bear is a very gentle, affectionate and playful dog that wags his tail all day long.

Favorite Things to do:  Visit the FantasyWorld Resort in Kissimmee, Fl.  He likes his walks around the Resort to welcome guests and especially see the smiles of the children.

Favorite Food:  Bear eats 10 cups of dog food per day.  He is especially excited when he gets special treats, Beef Broth Snow Cones and Doggie Ice Cream.

Favorite Season:  Bear loves winter.  He already wears a thick coat.  He wants to remind everyone that even when it is cold outside, the Resort has heated pools.  Because Bear lives in Florida, he likes to keep the AC cold.

Hobbies: Taking long walks, taking naps, and people watching.

Favorite Vacation:  FantasyWorld Resort.

Favorite Chair:  The big Adirondack Chair by the lobby.

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