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World Food Championship Coming to Kissimmee, FL

When you first hear the term “competition food sport”, you may scratch your head in puzzlement. However, when you stop to think about all of the cook-off events at local festivals and on TV programs, you’ll soon see how competition food has become a multi-million dollar industry. If you’re planning a Kissimmee vacation this November, you can experience the culmination of this latest sport at the World Food Championships.

The World Food Championships began in 2012 in Las Vegas, but this year they have moved to Kissimmee. The event, running from November 3-10, sees the best of the best compete in a variety of categories, before the category winners go up against each other to determine the ultimate World Food Champion, who will take home $300,000. Among the categories are BBQ, Dessert, Recipe, Seafood, Bacon, Chef, Pasta, Sandwich, Burger, and Chili.

Competitors range from home cooks to professional chefs. Contestants must first win a qualifying competition, publication award, or receive a special invitation. Qualifying opportunities happen all around the world on any given day and competitors come from all over the globe. If you’re not taking part, you can always attend as a spectator, but there are also opportunities to serve as a volunteer or even as a judge. The event has garnered so much attention that it now has its own special TV series airing on the FYI Network.

The event isn’t just a competition. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to get a hands-on experience, with a variety of classes, demonstrations, tastings, and more, and there are events for all ages. Some events are free and available on a first-come-first-serve basis, or for the full experience, you can purchase a special Very Important Foodie pass that gets you into the WFC Que School, Cooking Like A Champ, Chili People’s Choice, World Cocktail Experience and your choice of one of the Food Fight Night events, along with a special swag bag.

If you stay at Fantasy World Resort during your Kissimmee vacation, you can enjoy the convenience of having your own full kitchen if you get inspired by what you see and want to whip up your own recipes. Whether you’re a budding home cook or a die-hard foodie, the World Food Championships are sure to get your taste buds tingling!

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