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Winter is the Perfect Time to Visit Disney World

After all of the holiday festivities, you may not be thinking about a vacation to Disney World, but now is actually a great time to visit. Not only is it a fun way to unwind after all of the holiday stress, but it’s also the perfect time to visit Central Florida. Add in a spacious vacation villa at FantasyWorld, a leading Kissimmee resort, and you have the makings of an ideal vacation.

One of the biggest reasons to visit Disney in the winter is the milder temperature. Not only is it a break from cold and snowy weather you may be experiencing, it’s also a more comfortable time to visit the theme park. Temperatures start to rise by early spring and quickly settle into the 90s for the summer and often parts of spring and autumn. Plus, there’s the suffocating humidity that really makes a warm-weather visit challenging. It can quickly wear you out, especially young children, and the addition of the hot sun beating down can create health issues. A visit in the winter when temperatures are still in the 70s during the day and 50s in the evening is much more enjoyable.

With the holidays over, the crowds are likely to be lighter this time of year. It’s not the typical tourist season, so you can enjoy the scenery more easily. There are still plenty of visitors, but it’s much more comfortable. Even if your kids are in school, it may be worth it to take a long weekend to really enjoy all that Disney World has to offer.

In fact, with slightly smaller visitor numbers, that also means you may have shorter waits for rides. By visiting outside the usual tourist season and holiday events, you’ll likely find shorter lines, letting you ride more of your favorite rides. The shorter lines are also great if you’re visiting with younger children, as they often get tired and cranky in long lines.

Finally, if you’re hoping to dine at certain restaurants or character meals, making reservations is easier with less demand. You may actually get a nice table at some of your favorites – or finally get to visit a place that has been too in demand in the past.

These are just some of the reasons why winter is possibly the best time to visit Disney World. Plus, it’s also a great time to visit a variety of other Central Florida attractions, thanks to the mild temperatures. FantasyWorld offers plenty of attractions and entertainment on site, as well, so when you book your winter Disney World vacation, be sure to make your reservations for FantasyWorld, an outstanding Kissimmee resort.

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