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When to Visit Disney in 2021

Unlike DisneyLand, Disney World reopened last July. However, there have been restrictions in the number of guests allowed at a time and some events have been put on hold to avoid large crowds gathering. That hasn’t stopped people from visiting and still having a magical time. If you’re dreaming of a Disney World trip this year, take a look at some of the changes in seasonality at Disney over the past year in order to plan your trip, and then be sure to book one of the FantasyWorld Kissimmee vacation villas for your stay, as they’re always open, safe, and full of plenty of onsite entertainment.

In the past, Disney has seen smaller crowds during the fall and winter months. However, over the years, thanks in part to various promotions and events, there’s really no slow time any more. Plus, with various closures and less travel, this year’s crowd predictions are less accurate. With limited numbers of people being allowed in, crowds are slightly better, but due to safety precautions, there can still be long lines. Also keep the weather in mind. The Florida summer really has to be experienced to be believed. Few places in the US, even in the southern states have the same kind of heat and humidity combination, so if you’re at all sensitive to the heat, try to plan for late fall or winter this year. Between heat, summer storms, prices, and potential crowds, June, July, and August are among the lowest-ranked months to visit.

April this year will see a combination of Spring Breakers and Easter vacationers, so it might not be the ideal month to visit, due to crowds. However, May may just be a great time to schedule. The temperatures will still be warm, but generally more bearable, plus, as Disney continues to reopen more features, they may use this start of the summer to relax a bit more and add more hours and features.

When it comes to weather and crowds, March, September, November (outside of Thanksgiving), and the first two or three weeks of December are among the best times to visit and that is sure to remain the same this year. October tends to be busy with a range of events, holidays, and vacation breaks, so you may want to skip that month if things look like they’re returning to normal.

Ultimately, if heat isn’t an issue for you and you plan accordingly with clothing and hydration, then your visit to Disney this year should really come down to when you feel most comfortable visiting, and perhaps tying it in with a birthday, anniversary, or some other family celebration. Trying to determine crowd size this year is nearly impossible, so you might as well aim for the time that is most convenient and special for you. Plus, don’t forget that October 1, 2021 is the kickoff of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. It’s sure to bring out the crowds, but it’s also a special event that you may not want to miss.

Predicting the best time to visit Disney in 2021 is difficult for a variety of reasons that don’t usually exist, but if you book one of the FantasyWorld Kissimmee vacation villas, you’ll have a wonderful place to come back to and relax after a day at the parks. Plus, with swimming pools and rides, crafts, sports, games, and more, we offer plenty of ways to keep the whole family entertained. So whenever you book your Disney vacation, make sure you reserve your vacation villa with FantasyWorld.

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