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Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World: Tips 1-5

Even locals complain about the heat and especially the humidity in Florida during the summer. Yet for most people, summer is the most convenient time to visit Disney World. Fortunately, just because you’re going to be outdoors a lot doesn’t mean there aren’t some convenient ways to beat the heat. We have some tips for you, including staying at FantasyWorld, one of the leading Kissimmee FL resorts, which has its very own water park and other ways of staying cool while still having plenty of fun.

  1. Neck Fans: You may feel self-conscious at first with a neck fan, but you’ll soon appreciate that constant breeze that helps ease some of the worst of the heat. Even better, get a misting neck fan that provides just enough mist and breeze to make the summer heat and humidity more bearable. Get a misting neck fan for everyone and be sure to stock up on plenty of batteries. You can find the fans online for much cheaper than buying them in the park, plus you can always use them for other outdoor activities, not just on your vacation.
  2. Hydrate: You’re going to be sweating a lot, which means you can easily get dehydrated. Depending on how much you want to carry with you, you could pack a few bottles of drinks with electrolytes or you could just splurge on them in the park. However, you should absolutely have a refillable water bottle with you and make the most of the free water available at all quick-service restaurants, at Starbucks, and there are even a few water bottle refill stations in the park, though they’re not numerous yet. Just remember, drink constantly throughout the day to avoid the headaches and other side effects of becoming dehydrated. It can quickly ruin your day out.
  3. Indoor Rides, Queues & Shows: There are some rides in the park that take place indoors, which means they will be blasting AC, and some of those rides have covered or even indoor queues where you can at least get out of the direct sun. Some of these include Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Carousel of Progress, The Hall of Presidents, and Mickey’s Philharmagic.
  4. Water Rides: When your mist fans just aren’t enough, head for some of the water rides. Some are inside and give you a light splash, while others are outdoors, but may give you more of a soaking, which can be wonderful on a hot day. Check out Splash Mountain, Frozen Ever After, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Kali River Rapids.
  5. Go in the AM or PM: Your best bet is to go first thing in the morning, when it’s still a little cooler and the parks aren’t as crowded so you can spend less time in line, especially if you head for your must-ride rides first. By the time the hot midday sun arrives, it’s a perfect time for a long, leisurely cool lunch. Alternatively, you could head out later in the afternoon in time to enjoy Disney at night, which is always a fantastic sight. There’s no shortage of lights, and sometimes extra special events, and it does cool off a little and some of the crowds have started to go home. Don’t leave if it starts to rain. Summer showers are notorious for being over quickly. Just head into some shops for a cooling break.

Next month we’ll cover a few more tips on how to avoid the worst of the summer heat. One of the best ways is to book one of the vacation villas at FantasyWorld, one of the exciting Kissimeee FL resorts that features multiple pools, water slides, a lazy river, a splash pad and plenty of entertainment, indoors and out.

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