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Visiting Disney? Here’s the Latest in How to Reserve Your Ticket

If you haven’t been to Disney or the other Disney theme parks in more than a year, then you may be in for a surprise. The ticket system changed when they reopened and it seems to be sticking around for the foreseeable future. That means you need to be prepared. So when you’re booking one of the FantasyWorld vacation villas in Kissimmee Florida for your vacation, you’ll need to book your tickets and reservations at Disney in advance, too.

Unlike pre-COVID, you can’t just show up at one of the theme parks and get in then and there. This is causing a lot of confusion for people, especially those used to going the old-fashioned way. Plus, as well as needing a reservation, you may find that a lot of dates are already sold out. You definitely need to plan your trip around the Disney dates that are available. There are now three steps you need to go through to ensure you can spend a day at any of the Disney parks. It’s important to be well-informed and do some reading and research so you don’t end up disappointed.

Start by checking availability. It can take some digging to find the calendar on the Disney website but you should check your desired dates before making any official plans. Right now almost all parks are available. The calendars will show you if all parks are available, some parks are available or no parks are available. For example, October 1 and October 31 are already seeing some parks sold out, due in part to the 50th anniversary celebrations of Disney World. Also check availability if you’re planning on purchasing individual tickets, annual passes, or packages, as they can have varying availability.

Once you have dates that work for you, you next have to purchase park admission. This is where you choose from the various ticket options, such as one to 10 days, annual passes, etc. based on your vacation plans and budget. You’ll need to purchase your park admission with the Disney Park Pass reservation system.

Finally, as well as the valid park admission, you’ll need to make a park reservation. This is also done through the Disney Park Pass reservation system, though.  It’s important to note that park reservation availability is limited, not guaranteed, and subject to change, so you should make your park reservation at the same time as you purchase your park admission.

If you’re still feeling confused, you may want to check with someone you know who has gone through the new system recently and you can always call the Disney World assistance number to help ensure you’ve purchased both your park admission and made your park reservation. You must have both before you arrive at the parks and they need to be done for each park. Even date-based tickets still need park reservations. You also need a park reservation for each day, even if you book a multi-day park admission. Fortunately, if you purchase a ticket or annual pass with Park Hopper benefits, you are now able to visit more than one park per day after 2 PM.

There are still limits in the number of people admitted, which is why it’s important to make sure you’ve followed all of the new steps and requirements to ensure your magical day at any of the parks takes place. Fortunately, things are easing and more attractions continue to reopen. Once you have your Disney theme park admissions and reservations made for each day planned, make sure you book one of the FantasyWorld vacation villas in Kissimmee Florida. FantasyWorld is full of fun and relaxation and is the perfect place for a family to call home while visiting Central Florida, the theme parks, and all of the many other attractions in the area.

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