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Valentine’s at Disney

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re going to be in the Central Florida area, why not celebrate with that famous couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. While you may need to do some social distancing with the mouse couple and their friends, there are still plenty of ways to spend a fun and romantic Valentine’s at DisneyWorld. Don’t forget to book your vacation villa at FantasyWorld, too. It’s one of the leading resorts in Kissimmee Florida and offers spacious villas and plenty of activities to ensure your stay is as romantic and entertaining as you could want it to be.

FantasyWorld villas have their own full kitchen, so you can always make your own special Valentine’s Day dinner. You can also order valentines room decorations directly from the resort!  However, for a special treat at the end, pick up one of the themed cupcakes, cookies, and more from various specialty shops at the park. Main Street Confectionery is a great place to pick out a romantic sweet for a couple of sweeties! Cupcakes, brownies, marshmallow treats, cookies, and even bulk candy are on offer at this delightful spot in the Magic Kingdom.

There aren’t as many restaurants open right now as usual, and many may be already booked this close to Valentine’s Day, but it’s always worth a try. At the Magic Kingdom, you can enjoy French-inspired dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland. The grand ballroom is meant to be where Belle and the Beast fell in love and the magical scenery surrounding you will certainly help set the mood. There are a few more restaurants open at Epcot, if you’re planning a visit. They include seafood at Coral Reef, San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion, and Monsieur Paul for some French bistro charm and a great wine list.

To help you remember your visit and feel a fresh spark, you’ll find Valentine’s-themed merchandise throughout the park. Along with specialty ears, there are also pins for the collectors, and even “I’ll Be Your Mickey” and “I’ll Be Your Minnie” T-shirts for that extra dose of heart eyes!

A day at Disney is magical and romantic any day of the year if you let it be, but there’s extra romance in the air on Valentine’s Day. Along with the various treats and specialties at DisneyWorld’s Magic Kingdom, you may want to stop by Disney Springs, especially if you have a sweet tooth. They have delectable chocolates, fudge, pastries, and more in various shops where you can walk hand in hand and enjoy a romantic finish to the evening before heading back to FantasyWorld, one of the special resorts in Kissimmee Florida that is perfect for romance year round.

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