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Kissimmee Vacation Planning: What To Do Before You Leave

Kissimmee vacation planning

All of us at Fantasy World in Kissimmee want your vacation to be perfect. To help with your Kissimmee vacation planning, we’ve assembled this list of things to do before you leave home:

  • Arrange for mail, newspaper and other deliveries to be either stopped or collected by a trusted neighbor.
  • Check all of your alarm systems (security, fire, equipment, etc.) to be sure they are working properly and will send notifications to the correct places.
  • Leave a key with at least one trusted neighbor in case access to your home is necessary for any reason.
  • Provide appropriate friends, neighbors, family members and/or house/pet sitters with your full Kissimmee vacation planning itinerary and contact information.
  • Take contact information of neighbors and house/pet sitters with you so you can reach them if necessary.
  • Arrange for any necessary exterior home care (lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.) so that your absence is not apparent.
  • Set a series of lights on timers to give your home an occupied look.
  • Check and secure all doors and windows, including pet doors and the door between your garage and house.
  • If you are leaving vehicles in your garage, make sure to leave keys so the cars can be moved if necessary. Let a neighbor know where to find those keys.
  • Remove perishables from your refrigerator and throw them away so you don’t come home to smelly, spoiled food.
  • Be sure all appliances (stove, oven, coffeemaker, iron, hair curlers or curling iron) are turned off.
  • Unplug expensive home electronics, such as computers and televisions that could be damaged by a power surge.
  • Shut off water to your home to avoid the risk of a flood (which could happen if a washing machine hose bursts, your ice maker breaks, or other types of plumbing problems occur).
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to periodically check the perimeter of your house (porch, patio, doors, windows) and pick up any unexpected packages or door hangtags.
  • Contact your local police department to see if they offer a vacation check service.
  • Change bed sheets and put out fresh towels so your homecoming is as pleasant as possible.
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