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Universal’s Volcano Bay Opening May 25th

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a unique theme park offering guests both the thrills and relaxation of the Pacific isles. Best of all, there’s a new way of accessing rides that eliminates long waits, enabling everyone to more thoroughly enjoy their experience. Book one of the Fantasy World villas in Kissimmee Florida today and you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy the latest attraction from Universal Studios, opening on May 25th.

Volcano Bay is designed around the belief that water is life and life is joy. Drawing from the relaxed attitude of the fabled Waturi Pacific islanders, you can take in stunning scenery while experiencing thrilling water rides or tranquil rejuvenation. There are 18 rides and attractions to enjoy, ranging from whitewater torrents and steep slides, as well as winding rivers and waterside cabanas.

The biggest attraction is Krakatau™, the mighty Fire and Water Volcano. During the day, waterfalls stream from this 200-foot structure, while fiery lava effects create a thrilling experience at night. Deep inside the volcano, there’s the Krakatau™ Aqua Coaster in which a four-person canoe glides through misty, dark waters before plunging through a waterfall.

The Ko’okiri Body Plunge™ is a 70-degree fall through a drop door taking you on a screaming 125-foot slide of your life, in honor of Vol, the volcano god. Alternatively, two people can go at once on the Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides™ with intertwining tubes.

As well as the giant volcano, there are numerous attractions at the Wave Village, River Village, and Rainforest Village, each with their own mix of thrills and easy-going fun. Young and old, single-person rides or six-person adventures, there’s something to thrill every Waturi-inspired water baby.

Unlike most water parks, you don’t have to spend ages waiting in line and dragging around rafts, thanks to the TapuTapu™, a waterproof wearable for your wrist. A designated symbol found throughout the park allows you to connect your TapuTapu to hold your place in a virtual line. When you connect, you’ll receive a return time allowing you to go off and play or relax until it’s your turn for the ride. You’ll receive an alert when your turn is coming up. There are also all sorts of interactive surprises for you revealed by your TapuTapu throughout the park.

Along with all the great rides and the convenience of the virtual line, you’ll enjoy plenty of great dining options and there are additional add-ons for cabanas, express passes and more. Water lovers are going to want to experience this brand new water park, so reserve your tickets, book one of the comfortable Fantasy World villas in Kissimmee Florida, and prepare yourself for a truly spectacular water adventure.

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