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Traveling with Food Allergies

Food allergies and dining out always present challenges, especially when you’re on vacation and aren’t familiar with the area restaurants. Fortunately, there are some chain restaurants that make an effort and there are specific questions to ask in advance when you have serious food allergies. While there’s always a risk of cross-contamination, there are an increasing number of restaurants that are fairly safe bets. Best of all, if you choose one of the vacation villas in Kissimmee FL at Fantasy World, they include a full kitchen so that you can always create your own safe meals and snacks, limiting the risks.

It’s best to do some research before you head out on your trip. Certain chain restaurants are safe bets and are extra conscious of the needs of those with food allergies. Disney World has been focusing on food allergies for more than a decade, adding extra training, as well as increased options to ensure the safety and enjoyment of those with allergies. Other chains, such as P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and even Chipotle are great options, where staff and the menu help make choices easy.

Wait staff in restaurants always appreciate as much communication as possible. You may need to be extra specific in your requests, such as asking if the burger patties have bread crumbs or if the chicken is dusted in flour or if the seafood is fried in the same oil as the fries. Those not living with food allergies won’t always be fully aware, so it’s best to be willing to be extra specific regarding the foods you’re considering. Most restaurant staff are happy to help, but it does often fall upon the person or family to make clear the finer details.

When travelling, whether by plane or car, always pack enough food for multiple meals for the person with allergies to ensure they have enough food should there be delays and difficulties getting the right food. Airlines offer a range of meals for various dietary restrictions, but it is important to make the request in advance and even follow up in the days before the flight, just to confirm the request. Cibo Express Gourmet Markets are found in most major airports in the US and Canada and they typically offer a variety of foods safe for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. However, always be sure to read the labels to be on the safe side.

Finally, make sure you pack all of the potential medicines and emergency treatments you may need should there be an accident and a food allergy is triggered. Make sure you have them with you at all times.

By choosing one of the Fantasy World vacation villas in Kissimmee FL, you can eat more meals in your villa, reducing the risk of triggering any allergies. You can also pack snacks and whole meals to take with you on a day out, whether you’re visiting the theme parks or heading for a day at the beach. Their full kitchens not only help save you money by not having to eat out every meal, but also give you greater peace of mind that no one with a food allergy will have their trip spoiled by a bad reaction. Plus, Fantasy World is ideally located to enjoy all of the attractions in Central Florida and has its own games and water park on site, making it an ideal destination, no matter your food needs.

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