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Top Vacation Travel Apps for Your Kissimmee Resort Stay


If you’re planning a trip to a Kissimmee resort for your next vacation, you may find these apps useful tools for a smooth travel experience.

  • TripIt offers a number of free and paid apps to help you organize your travel plans and keep all of your trip details in one place. Apps are available for individuals and for teams, which could be useful if you’re organizing a family reunion at a Kissimmee vacation resort and have people coming in from a variety of places.
  • TripAdvisor offers a number of travel planning tools, including more than 100 million reviews of accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Get links and directions to the places you want to visit.
  • FlightTrack has both free and paid versions that allow you to manage domestic and international flight details. You’ll get real-time updates on gates, delays and cancellations, and baggage claim information.
  • GateGuru provides maps and other information about airports, such as where to eat, relax, shop, and other airport amenities to make your time en route more pleasant and efficient. No more wandering down a concourse wondering if there’s a better restaurant choice – with GateGuru, you’ll be able to see what’s available and make your choice without wasting valuable time.

• AwayFind serves as a filter between you and your email inbox so you can sort the important messages for immediate attention and let the rest wait until you’ve returned from your trip. It’s especially useful for professionals who need to stay connected but only want to deal with messages that matter while they’re traveling.

• Packing Pro helps you remember what you need to take and keep track of what you actually packed in case your luggage is lost. It’s especially useful for parents who are packing for themselves and multiple family members.

Of course, every airline has its own app these days, so you can easily check in, monitor flight status and make changes if necessary.

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