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Top Teen Attractions at Walt Disney World

Traveling with teenagers is often challenging, even with a vacation destination like Disney World and the related parks. The first step to creating a happy vacation is reserving space at one of the Kissimmee vacation resorts. By choosing Fantasy World, you have plenty of space, your own kitchen, and an on-site water park, ensuring teens have space and activities that will keep everyone relaxed and smiling. As for Disney, unless your teens really want to revisit It’s a Small World, remember that they’ve grown up, so let them try some of the top-ranked attractions among teens.

If you’re visiting Hollywood Studios, don’t miss The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This thrill of a drop ride combines old Hollywood glamour with ghosts and a ride that flings you up, down and sideways, accompanied with terrifying noises, sights and more.

Getting a driver’s license and a car is one of the big dreams of the teenage years and Chrevrolet’s Test Track at Epcot gives everyone a chance to put the pedal to the metal. First you design your own virtual concept vehicle, then you get to take it for a “ride” around the test track to see how it handles. As well as obstacles and rough terrain, you’ll take on straight-aways, steep hills, and even try your hand at 50-degree curved banks, all with top speeds of 65 mph. Hopefully, teens will get it out of their system and handle mom and dad’s cars more tenderly!

While you’re at Epcot, give space geeks a chance of a lifetime. Mission: SPACE lets guests try a NASA-engineered space launch shuttle simulator as a pilot, commander, navigator or engineer. Each crew member receives specific instructions for lift-off and feels the force of leaving Earth. From there you’ll be dodging asteroids, doing a slingshot around the moon, and then your final mission is to land on Mars.

Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR lets you travel back 65 million years on your CTX Time Rover to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world. Your goal is to rescue a friendly Iguanodon, but first you have to get past the hungry velociraptors, and by the way, the date you’ve arrived is the date when a giant meteor hits the earth and wipes out the dinosaurs, so you’d better hurry and try to miss some of the smaller meteors already striking. Will you make it to your vehicle in time or will you become extinct, too?

There are plenty of rides and attractions at all of the parks to keep teens entertained and grinning from ear to ear. And if you’re worried that old favorites have lost their thrill, you’ll be happy to know that Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain remain teen favorites. So book your vacation villa at Fantasy World, one of the outstanding Kissimmee vacation resorts, and consider taking advantage of their theme park vacation packages. Let Disney work its magic and soon the whole family will be smiling and making wonderful memories.

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