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Top Spots in Kissimmee to Connect with Nature

When choosing one of the vacation resorts in Kissimmee FL, many people are thinking about the convenience of being close to the numerous theme parks, but still having plenty to do on site for those days when you want to take a break from the parks. However, when you choose somewhere like FantasyWorld, with its spacious villas, personal water park, and much more, you’re also just a short drive from some of Florida’s beautiful nature. Don’t forget to take some time to connect with the breathtaking nature of the Sunshine State.

For a view like no other – and to see both the natural beauty and the major landmarks – it’s worth getting up early in the morning to take one of Bob’s Balloon Rides. These hot-air balloons take you 1,000 feet into the sky over Kissimmee and the surrounding area, giving you a glorious sunrise view of the shimmering water everywhere, the beautiful oak and cypress trees, and even views of places like Walt Disney World, which you’ll never see from this perspective unless you’re floating peacefully in what feels like a magical balloon.

Start your day off with the calm air balloon ride, but then get ready to raise the adrenaline with a visit to Wild Florida. Here, you’ll see the beauty and awesomeness of natural Florida, starting with an airboat ride through the waters that have their own flora and fauna. Amid the plant life that grows in the water in some areas, you’re likely to see local wildlife, including fish, birds, the occasional bald eagle, and probably an alligator or two. There are other places in Kissimmee where you can take airboat rides and that’s an experience not to be missed. Still, Wild Florida offers more than just an airboat ride. You can get up close and personal with a hug from a sloth or even try painting with a giraffe for a truly unique experience. Then take a walk along the path to the alligator exhibits, and then finish your visit with a  drive-thru safari tour of exotic animals. You can take your own car or sit back and enjoy a guided tour.

If you want to get back up in the air, consider getting up in some trees instead at Orlando Tree Trek. Suspended among and above three canopies, you’ll find 97 aerial challenges along four courses you can complete, all amid the trees for a special experience. Don’t worry, they have courses for different skill levels. There’s also a 425-foot zip line if you complete all of your course’s challenges. This is a surprisingly fun adventure for practically the whole family.

Finally, if you want to finish on a more relaxing note, then head to The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek. This is where tranquil forests and slow-moving waters come together to give you a beautiful and serene experience. You can rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard and head out for a special experience with nature. There are also guided tours with fascinating facts about the local wildlife and nature. The guided tours, in particular, are great for the entire family to simply sit back and take in the serenity of the beauty around them and learn some of the area’s bountiful history.

These are just a few of the ways to get more out of your trip to Central Florida than just the theme parks. Don’t forget the nearby beaches, and definitely make sure you stay at Fantasy World, one of the leading vacation resorts in Kissimmee FL with its easy access to the beautiful nature and entertainment of the region. You won’t regret it.

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