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Top Items to Pack in Your Park Bag

While every person is going to have slightly different needs when it comes to a bag you take with you to the theme parks, there are certain items that almost everyone needs, whether there are children involved or not. Our vacation villas at FantasyWorld, a leading Kissimmee resort, give you the space to make sure your bag is packed properly each day. Here are a few tips on items most people will need throughout the day.

Florida is the Sunshine State and there’s a reason it has that name, which is why you should always pack high-SPF sunscreen and sunglasses. You may even want a lightweight hat that can protect your face and neck. You’re likely to get sweaty being outside all day, so be sure to reapply your sunscreen regularly, even if you don’t typically burn. Protect your skin!

Despite the Sunshine State nickname, Central Florida is known for its afternoon thunderstorms. They’re generally over quickly, but they can come on quickly, as well. This is why it’s a good idea to pack rain ponchos. They can be packed to take up minimal space, but will help keep everyone dryer than just one or two umbrellas, which also take up more  space in your bag. Also consider packing a couple of hand towels or washcloths so you can dry off from rain or sweat whenever necessary. They’re useful for drying off seating, too.

Since you will be outdoors for most of the day, it’s important to stay hydrated. Pack your own water bottles and refill them throughout the day at the numerous water fountains available in the parks. This will keep you healthy and not break the budget, especially considering how much a bottle of water costs at the theme parks.

Similarly, you might want to pack some snacks that can withstand the heat. While there are snacks you’ll likely want to try at the parks, having some of your own can stave off the “hangries” and save some money in the process.

Before eating or in between rides, you should probably make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. While the parks often have hand sanitizer stations around, having your own is much easier and can protect you from more of the germs you’re likely to encounter.

Finally, don’t forget a portable USB charger. Phones are constantly in use, between photos and theme-park apps, and more, so you’re likely to run out of juice before the day is over. A portable charger ensures you don’t miss that perfect shot because your battery died.

As for the bag itself, a cross-body messenger-style bag is a great option if you don’t have too much to carry, as it won’t be as heavy or hot as a backpack. Of course, sometimes you’ll need diaper bags and other larger bags to carry when you have young children with you. Fortunately, a stay at FantasyWorld, an entertaining Kissimmee resort, offers you plenty of space and amenities, including washers and dryers to help you pack the perfect bag each day.

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