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Tips to Take More Vacations During the School Year

Depending on the ages of your children and their extracurricular involvement, there are ways to take family vacations during the school year. After all, crowds are often smaller and travel and accomodations are often less expensive during the school year, which can make a significant difference. Plus, if you stay in one of the vacation resorts in Kissimmee, you have the benefit of more summer-like weather, even during the colder months, letting you get out and enjoy more attractions. The key is to make sensible plans that won’t result in academic problems for your children.

First of all, check your school’s calendar. You can quickly see when the longer breaks are and where you can maybe extend a long weekend by a day or two. It is also worth checking to see if your school has a policy that allows for vacations if they can be proven to be educational field trips. Kissimmee has a number of wildlife and nature parks that are informative, as well as fun, and you may be able to include elements like that to get your school’s permission for an extended trip.

For a vacation to be deemed educational, you may need to prove it to the school board, so be prepared to do some homework of your own. It also helps to study up on your school’s absentee policy. If you’re just adding on one or two days to a long weekend, you may be able to squeeze in a trip, however, if they are strict about absenteeism, you may need to reconsider your travel plans, sticking to existing breaks and free days.

Even if you can’t go far, you can still explore locations that are closer to home. You’ll be surprised by what’s often of interest practically in your own back yard. There are plenty of historic sites, beautiful parks, and quirky attractions all over the country, which can be both educational and pure fun. If you’re going to take your children out of school, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few educational facts and figures along the way.

Obviously, if you are going to go on an extended vacation, you need to make sure your child won’t suffer academically through missed tests and lessons. You should make a point of discussing with your children’s teachers the schedules they have planned and make provisions for missed tests, as well as the information they will still need to learn while they’re on vacation. No trip is worth it if your child is going to fall too far behind and suffer through the school year as a result.

Fortunately, if you stay at the Fantasy World vacation resorts in Kissimmee, you’ll have the advantage of spacious villas with plenty of room for your children to catch up on some of their reading and homework — in between trips to the resort’s water park and Central Florida’s many fun and educational attractions!

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