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Tips to Help You Save Money on Food on Vacation

Fast food
Travel and accommodation take up a large chunk of any vacation budget, but the cost of meals can really put a crimp in your plans. The potential cost of three meals a day at restaurant prices for a family of four can be staggering. If you’re planning on staying at one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, here are a few tips on making the most of your vacation food budget.

Advance planning makes a big difference in everything from finding the best spots to visit to finding affordable yet delicious places to eat. Look online to find restaurants in the areas you’ll be visiting. When you know what is available and have an idea of what the prices are, you are less likely to resort to a pricey restaurant at the end of a long day or make do with yet another fast-food meal.

As you look at restaurants, look for special deals and discounts, as well. Groupon, Living Social, and TravelZoo are just some of the sites where you may be able to find special discounts, vouchers, and other deals.

Of course, when you stay in resorts in Kissimmee FL such as Fantasy World, you have the benefit of having a full kitchen right in your accommodation. You can save a lot of money by preparing breakfast and lunch — even lunches to go — in your room, rather than eating out for all of your meals. A trip to a nearby grocery store makes sure everyone can have their preferred meals, at a much lower cost, leaving you room to splurge more often on dinner.

If you’re spending a lot of time in heavily touristic areas, you may want to branch out a little further for some of your meals, heading to areas where you find more locals. Restaurants that cater to tourist crowds are often more expensive. Find out where the locals eat and you’ll probably save some money, not to mention you may end up with a much better meal.

By making an effort to save money on food where you can, you can then splash out and eat at one of the destination restaurants. Orlando has a number of really great restaurants with famous chefs, so if you have one you’re excited to try, go ahead and splurge. This is a memory-making trip so don’t miss out on this special opportunity.

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