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Tips for Road Tripping With an Infant

Travelling with an infant has its own set of challenges, whether you’re travelling by air or by car. At least when taking a road trip, you can stop and take a break when needed, for everyone’s sanity. Then, when you get to Fantasy World, one of the great resorts in Kissimmee Florida, you get the benefit of a spacious vacation villa with a full kitchen and washer/dryer, and plenty of space for the whole family. It’s like arriving home, while still on vacation! To get you to your dream destination, here are some tips to get you through those long hours of driving with baby on board.

If your child does sleep through much of the night, it may be worthwhile to do as much driving at night, as possible. While it’s harder on the parents, your child will have less visual stimulation and hopefully the soothing movement of the car will keep them sleeping or at least drowsy and less likely to make a fuss.

Whether you drive at night or during the day, it’s important for the parents to tag team. When one is driving, ideally, the other should be in the back seat with baby to keep the child occupied and not feeling abandoned. If you’re lucky enough that your child falls asleep, take advantage and try to sleep yourself.

While you may be more used to driving straight through or taking minimal breaks, the reality is that now you’re going to need to plan more stops along the way. If you’re going to be driving for a long time, plan to stop overnight along the way so that everyone can get some rest. Plan to stop every one to three hours during the day — less at night — to allow for everyone to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, get rid of any used diapers, do some cleanup, and grab some fresh air.

We all get stiff and sore from sitting still for too long and that goes for babies, too. Read up on some baby massage techniques, especially leg and feet massages that can help quiet a fussy baby and help them feel better.

Finally, make sure you’ve got a bag just for baby’s supplies that you can keep close at hand in the car for everything from diaper changes to favorite toys. Having a dedicated bag of all the things you’ll need during travelling will make life much easier. You may want to keep certain similar items packed together to go into slightly smaller travel bags to use once you reach your destination. Ideally, you want to have items such as a portable changing pad and a few changes of diapers, wipes, infant Tylenol or similar medicine, a few small toys, pre-portioned bottles of breast milk or formula in a cooler pouch, a forehead thermometer, sunscreen, a blanket, and a change of clothes.

You know your baby best, so you can gear your supplies to things that you know are most likely to keep them entertained and happy or sleeping peacefully. Inevitably, there will be frustrations along the way, but try to take them in stride. Once you reach Fantasy World, one of the outstanding resorts in Kissimmee Florida, you can indulge in their on-site water park, spacious vacation villas, and proximity to all of the favorite theme parks and more. Everyone will have something to enjoy!

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