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Tips for Packing Light With Little Kids

One of the many great things about choosing FantasyWorld from the various Kissimmee FL resorts is the amount of space you get in our vacation villas. Each villa sleeps six, has its own full kitchen, laundry room, and living room. Still, when travelling, it’s easier to keep things light, especially when travelling with little ones who invariably require more than their parents. So no matter how much space you have, here are some tips for travelling light with little kids.

First off, go easy on the toys. You’ll probably be picking up some new toys and souvenirs on your trip so you might as well save room for them. Plus, kids and cats are a lot alike: they often like the packaging more than the expensive toy. In other words, they can be easily amused with the strangest of things. From a shoe horn to glasses filled with different levels of water to simple coloring books, try to keep the toy collection compact and make use of what’s on site. Fortunately, FantasyWorld has games, crafts, and so much more to help keep kids entertained, so you really don’t need more than a few basics that you know are always winners.

Speaking of random items that could entertain kids and come in handy, make sure you carry a selection of ziploc-type bags with you. They are lifesavers and have a myriad of uses. They’re great for packing toiletries that may tend to burst during flight. They’re also good for hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and other items that may accidentally leak in your bag if the lid doesn’t go on properly. They’re also excellent for various other messy emergencies and can even be used to keep dirty clothes separated from clean items.

Unless you have an amazing backstock of diapers to last you through your kid’s old age, you’re better off just taking a few days worth and buying more when you get to your destination. When you stay at FantasyWorld, you can take advantage of the Publix grocery store delivery option and easily get some delivered that way, along with any other bulky basics you don’t want to pack, not to mention food you can prepare in the full kitchen. Just remember you need to be there to accept the delivery.

When you order your groceries and diapers, don’t forget to order some easily transported snacks to save time and hassle when someone in the family — young or old — starts to come over all hangry when they’re hungry and getting grumpy. A quick snack will do wonders until you can eat.

It’s handy to have a car with you when visiting Central Florida, because it makes it easier to get out and explore more than just the theme parks. If you’re renting a car when you get there, ask if they have complimentary car seats available, which can be a big help.

As for strollers, if you have multiple, take the lightest, simplest one that has an umbrella. That’s all you really probably need for a few days. If your child is at the age where they’re mainly walking, you should probably still take the stroller, because long, hot days full of excitement can wear kids out and the stroller will come in handy, rather than having to try to carry a tired kid.

As for clothing, try to pack lightweight, cotton neutrals that easily mix and match so that you don’t have to worry about not having the right shirt for the right shorts or skirt. That goes for the whole family. Basic solids that will go with any shoes you pack (and don’t forget to pack shoes that will be comfortable and supportive with a lot of walking) will make life so much easier for everyone, even with a washer and dryer in your vacation villa.

Finally, even though you will probably be picking up some new toys along the way, pack a special little gift that can come in handy, especially during the trip. Think of something like a brand new box of crayons and a drawing notebook or coloring book. Anything simple, but new, that requires little adult interaction can prove incredibly helpful.

When you choose one of the Kissimmee FL resorts like FantasyWorld, you’re already setting yourself up for a win. With so much space and amenities, like a full kitchen and laundry in the villas, along with all of the on-site entertainment, you don’t need to pack much. A few basics for everyone and you’ll have room left for any mouse ears or other souvenirs you may pick up along the way. If nothing else, lighter luggage is always welcome, just like you and your family are welcome to FantasyWorld Resort.

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