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Tips for Celebrating the Holidays on Vacation at a Kissimmee Resort


Some families have made it a tradition to travel during the holidays; others may do it for the first time this year (or be considering it for next year). If you’ll be on vacation at a resort in Kissimmee over the holidays, these tips will help make your celebration special:

  • Bring gifts with you. If you’ll be gone on the days you normally exchange gifts (such as Christmas or Hanukah), bring at least one gift per person with you. Keep them small in size so you can pack them in your luggage. If you’re flying and are going to wrap gifts ahead of time, pack them in your checked bags – if you don’t, they may not make it through security. Of course, you can always shop in Central Florida.
  • Take a few decorations. Again, keep it small, but bring a few things (perhaps some tinsel, a small strand of lights or a small wreath or tree) to add some holiday spirit to your townhome at the vacation resort where you’re staying. As an alternative, you can purchase some decorations in Kissimmee.
  • Do at least some of the things you would do if you were home. Keep the traditions that are important to you, whether it’s making cookies, drinking hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols or watching seasonal movies. If you do an Advent calendar, bring it with you.
  • Put out cookies, milk and carrots for Santa. If your children are small, this will help keep the magic in Christmas for them. Even if they’re older, it’s a fun tradition to keep.


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