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Things First-timers May Not Know About Disney World

There’s a lot to consider and research before visiting Disney World for the first time, in order to get the best experience. The first thing you should do after getting your tickets is to make a reservation for one of the FantasyWorld vacation villas in Kissimmee FL. Our villas and the many amenities and attractions on site are the perfect complement to the theme parks. Here are some other things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Central Florida is the lightning capital of the US, so you need to be prepared for the frequent, but usually short, afternoon thunderstorms. If there’s lightning, head indoors. If there isn’t, come prepared with rain ponchos that will let you make the most of what may suddenly become shorter lines for rides. You can buy rain gear at the park, but it will be much more expensive.

It will also be hotter and more humid than you may expect if you’ve never been to Florida before. Try to get shirts that wick away moisture to help you all feel more comfortable. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen for faces and the body and reapply often due to sweating. Consider hats with full brims to protect faces and necks and lightweight, long-sleeved shirts will also help protect against the sun.

You should also plan to visit indoor shows or have a later lunch to avoid the worst of the afternoon sun. The afternoon is a good time to slow down and take a break, even if it’s just enjoying a Dole Whip in the shade or riding the monorail. You may even want to return to your vacation villa for the afternoon and then return in the late afternoon/early evening when crowds have thinned out again and you can stay for any special evening performances and displays.

It is worthwhile to be there when the park opens. The early morning is worth it, not just because it helps you avoid some of the worst of the sun, but it also usually means shorter lines for some of the rides. If there are popular rides you don’t want to miss, head to these first to have a shorter wait. In addition, there’s an opening ceremony when the gates open an hour before the park officially opens. It’s fun to see and then you can make the most of the smaller crowds and walk along Main Street and take photos of some of the iconic landmarks.

While characters can be found throughout the park, be aware that they do not wander the park. If there are certain ones you want to see, you’ll need to find out where they appear and at what times. The My Disney Experience app and the Entertainment schedule are useful for this.

The best thing you can do besides book one of our vacation villas in Kissimmee FL is to do your research before visiting Disney World for the first time. Make a list of must-sees, plan a route, keep the weather in mind, and be sure to have a magical time!

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