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Taking a Road Trip With Kids

Just about everyone has done a road trip at some point in their life and probably many of those included a childhood roadtrip. “Are we there yet?” is a famous refrain, but cutting down on the boredom is a bit easier these days with all of the apps and games available to keep all age groups entertained. Plus, old-fashioned favorites still have their place. If you’re planning a road trip to Central Florida, make sure Fantasy World, one of the top resorts in Kissimmee FL, is your destination, because it’s a reward in itself. On the way, some of these tips will help make getting there even more fun.

First, think back to the car trips you used to take as a kid and think about some of your favorite games you played to pass the time. I Spy and the Alphabet Game require nothing but family member participation, and they can go a long way to passing time and sharing laughs. Depending on the length of the drive and the number of states passed through, you could also play the license plate game. Heading to Florida, you’re likely to see others from around the country also making the trip.

Of course, with today’s technology, there are more game options available to suit different ages and interests. Road Trip Travel Games on Google Play includes more than 20 games, including some classics you may have forgotten. If one child is tired of a certain game, there are other apps, tablet games, books, music, and more that allow all ages to find a form of entertainment that suits them at any particular time.

Parents can also use apps to find nearby places of interest to help break up the tedium of being in the car. Getting out and visiting some small point of interest for 20 minutes can help burn off some energy and give everyone a break without being a huge interruption to the trip.

A number of toys and creativity sets have been designed specifically to travel easily, so you can let your children do more than just play video games. Various markers and other creative toys, such as the Crayola Color Wonder Markers Mess Free Activity Set are designed to not make a mess, but still allow your child to explore their creativity.

One aspect that gets overlooked on road trips, but plays an important role, is food. While stopping at fast food places along the way seems obvious, it can also lead to sugar crashes, upset stomachs, headaches and other general blah feelings. Consider using apps like Foodspotting to help find restaurants that offer healthier options. It’s also a good idea to pack some travel coolers with healthy food options that you know your children like. Staying hydrated and getting healthy nutrients goes a long way to feeling good. Plus, you can stop for a picnic in a scenic area, giving everyone a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy a fun meal.

Driving for long stretches at a time will wear anyone down, so make sure you stop periodically, even if it’s just a chance for everyone to get out of the car and do a quick round of fun exercises. Do some jumping jacks, toe touches, and a few laps around the car to keep the circulation going and burn off some energy. Breaks will also help reduce the likelihood of car sickness, though ginger and mint can also help settle upset stomachs.

By the time you reach your destination at Fantasy World, one of the exciting resorts in Kissimmee FL, hopefully the whole family will still be in good spirits so you can all enjoy the water park, games, and more, right in the resort. Plus, with the spacious vacation villas, you’ll be well rested and ready to go out and enjoy your vacation.

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