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Take Christmas With You Wherever You Go

For many people, Christmas is about being at home with family. However, sometimes Christmas is a great time to get away and have a fun adventure while still enjoying your family traditions. If you’re staying at FantasyWorld, a resort in Lake Buena Vista South, you’re ideally situated to make the most of Christmas in our spacious vacation villas. Complete with a kitchen, there’s plenty of space to feel at home for the holidays, even when you’re away. Here are some tips to make it even more festive.

While you can’t pack all of your decorations, especially if you’re already packing gifts, there are still some things you can take with you to make it feel more like Christmas. Garlands, with a few decorations hanging from them, along with battery-powered strings of lights can do wonders for adding some Christmas cheer to your vacation villa. You could even pick up a small table-top tree once you get to your destination.

Even if you don’t want to pack a lot of decorations, you can pack the family Christmas stockings. They’re a great way to help everyone feel like they’re not missing out on favorite traditions.

Since FantasyWorld has a full kitchen, you can always prepare some Christmas food favorites. Even if you’re going out for your big Christmas dinner, the family can make cookies together, or make a traditional breakfast, or a favorite dessert. Publix grocery store, Target, and WalMart are all just a mile away from FantasyWorld for picking up your ingredients.

While you’re all baking cookies or opening Christmas presents, make sure you have some Christmas tunes playing. Create a Christmas playlist on your phone or computer using a variety of tools, such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, or any music player you prefer.

If you have any particular activity traditions, such as puzzles, holiday movie night, or card games, try to include that into your vacation. You could even start a new tradition!

The most important thing is to keep an open mind and happy heart. Even a cardboard Christmas tree cutout can help make your Christmas vacation feel extra festive. Don’t forget to pick up some special Christmas decorations to take back home so you have a fun way of remembering your holiday trip for years to come.

As you plan your trip and book one of our two-story townhomes at FantasyWorld Resort in Lake Buena Vista South, think about the traditions you have that will travel easily or can be done anywhere. Our living rooms and full kitchens make it easy to include some family favorites even when you’re not at home, plus, there’s so much to do at the resort and in the surrounding area that you’ll never run out of fun things to do on your family vacation. Happy holidays!

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