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Swimming Pool Games for Kids

Whether you’re at your own pool, a neighborhood pool, or a pool at one of the Kissimmee resorts, such as Fantasy World, it helps to have some games to keep your kids from getting too reckless or annoying for others. Swimming laps gets boring; cannonballs are much more fun! To help keep your kids entertained in any swimming pool, here are some fun games they can play. Just remember to be respectful to others swimming and playing nearby.

Mermaid or dolphin races are a surprisingly effective way to keep kids entertained. The basic aim is to hold your breath and see who can swim underwater the longest. You can play around with it and try only using your feet/legs, instead of using your arms or create some other variation.

Noodle jousting involves having players face off on inflatable rafts and then use pool noodles to try to unseat their opponent, just like medieval jousting.

Shark is a variation on tag. Players other than the shark can hop in and out of the pool, but they can only stay out for five seconds at a time. In the meantime, while they’re in the pool, the “shark” can try to tag them. Once a player is tagged, they become the shark.

To play Pirate, gather up an odd number of items (5,7,9) that are easy enough to grab and hold. Place your players at opposite sides of the pool and then toss the items into the center. The player to return with the most items wins.

Bobbing Heads is the pool version of whack-a-mole. Have one player sit or stand along the edge of the pool holding a pool noodle and have the rest bob up and down in the water. If the player with the noodle can bop the others on the head while they’re above water, the person bopped is out. Once everyone has been bopped, trade places and play again.

Of course, when you stay at Fantasy World, one of the premier Kissimmee resorts, you and the kids can enjoy an actual water park with slides and plenty of ways to have fun. There’s no shortage of entertainment for all ages, in and out of the water, so book your reservations today!

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