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Surviving a Youth Trip to Wide World of Sports Hotel & Resort

Wide World of Sports Hotel & Resort

It’s a dream come true for your kids: They’re going to Disney to play in a sports tournament at the Wide World of Sports Hotel & Resort. And you’ve volunteered to go along as a chaperone. What were you thinking?

The time on the playing field is only part of the experience. Youth sports teams from around the world have chosen Fantasy World Resort for their accommodations while playing at the Wide World of Sports Hotel & Resort because our facility is ideal for youth athletes and their families. These tips will make your trip a winner, regardless of the final score of the game:

• It’s the relationships you’ll remember. Think your kids are only thing you have in common with the other adults on the trip? You’ll be surprised at the enduring friendships you’ll develop when your relaxing around the pool, the lazy river or at one of the barbecue grill and picnic areas on our property.

• Keep your athletes properly nourished. Bring (or buy when you arrive) healthy breakfast foods and snacks that you can keep and prepare in the kitchen of your Fantasy World villa. Find out who has special dietary needs and be sure to accommodate them. Remind the kids that filling up on junk food will have a negative impact on how they play. You’ll save money and the kids will perform better.

• Make hydration your motto. Everyone needs their own water bottle. Avoid sweet, sugary drinks and make sure everyone is staying well-hydrated. Remind them to drink before they feel thirsty.

• Remember the non-players. If the players’ siblings are tagging along, plan things for them to do so they’re engaged in the event, not feeling left out or roaming around looking for trouble. Our staff can help with this.

• Stay an extra day or two. You’ve already made the trip, so why not make it a family vacation? Take an extra day or two after the tournament (when the kids are relaxed and not stressing about the game) and enjoy our resort and the other attractions.

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