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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer skin care is important, whether you’re exploring the many theme parks in Central Florida, spending a day at the beach, or relaxing at the waterpark at Fantasy World, one of the fantastic resorts in Kissimmee. From exfoliation to moisturizing and so much more, it’s vital to protect and pamper your skin, taking into consideration the change in exposure and temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking sun-kissed but safe.

Skin cells regenerate, but when the old skin isn’t properly removed, it can leave your skin looking dull and even cause breakouts. Make sure you exfoliate from head to toe to give your skin a fresh glow. Plus, if you’re going to be using sunless tanner to get some color without the damage, exfoliated skin helps avoid a patchy finish.

Of course, once you’ve exfoliated, you need to moisturize. First off, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Just as important is to use moisturizes for the face and body that both contain SPF, and don’t forget your hands! There are light-weight hand moisturizers with SPF that protect the delicate skin without leaving a greasy residue. When it comes to moisturizers, you may also want to consider tinted moisturizers that leave a hint of color without the same intensity of sunless tanners. They give your skin that extra glow without the risk of looking like a Florida orange.

Skin care isn’t just about lotions and scrubs. If you’re going to be outdoors for any length of time, think about the clothing you’re going to wear. Layers, such as tank tops with lightweight, loose, long-sleeved shirts over them keep you cool, but also protect you against some of the sun’s rays. Additionally, you should seriously consider wearing a hat with as large a brim as possible. Women can take advantage of large, floppy bohemian-style hats, but men should also look for hats with a full brim, front and back, to protect their neck and not just the face.

When it comes to summer skin care, though, sunscreen is the most important component. Not only do you want to avoid painful sunburns, but you also want to protect yourself from future damage. If you’re not going to be wearing a hat, you should look into some of the sunscreen that can be sprayed along your hairline and scalp. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to get a sunburn along the parting in your hair. Also make sure you have lip balm with SPF to protect the delicate skin on your lips.

Before heading outdoors each day, put your sunscreen on your entire body, even the parts covered by swimsuits and clothing. Clothing can’t protect you completely, especially thin swimsuits, so this adds a bit more protection. Of course, you’ll need to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. If you know you’ll need to reapply frequently, look for a sunscreen that isn’t too thick and sticky so that you’ll be more likely to use it throughout the day.

A trip to Central Florida is a fantastic summer vacation, and Fantasy World, one of the resorts in Kissimmee, is the perfect location for your stay. With some sensible summer skin care, you’ll end your vacation looking golden and glorious.

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