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Seven Tips for Taking a Vacation When You Run a Small Business

Vacations allow you to escape from the daily grind, unwind, disconnect, and recharge. But when you run a small business taking a vacation may not be as worry free as you would like and desperately need. While you should be sightseeing, visiting a theme park, or basking in the sun at your Kissimmee vacation resorts poolside or at the beach, you may be taking business calls, handling last minute problems, thinking about missing something that comes up, or worrying about your employees slacking off while you’re away. These are tips for you to be able to have a successful and pleasurable vacation while keeping your small business going and flourishing.

  1. Delegate tasks – Select a trusted employee or friend who can stand in your place during your vacation. Allow them to make important decisions and handle your daily operations. Let them know the types of problems and situations that they can resolve or should be escalated up to you.
  2. Inform VIP clients that you will be away – Clients shouldn’t find out through voicemail or an automated email reply that you are away. Let them know you’ll be away three to four weeks before your scheduled vacation time so they can adjust accordingly. Reassure them that even though you’re gone that they’ll still be taking care of and deadlines will still be met. Provide them with the contact information of the person or persons you’ve left in charge, their position with the company, and their level of expertise.
  3. Plan a trip during the slow season – It may be wise to take your vacation during your businesses slow period, if it has one, so that you’re gone during a busy or important time period that will put you in the black.
  4. Postpone any go live events and launches – Do not roll out a new ad campaign, product, promotion, or website during your vacation time. This will help you avoid having to deal with any issues or blunders that may arise with the launch while you’re about to get on the rollercoaster, eat with the family, or exploring the town.
  5. Prepare your staff for your absence – Emergencies can arise when you’re at work. But you’re there to handle those situations? So, what happens if you’re away and the Internet goes down, the phones stop working, the website crashes, there is a fire or flood in the building? Prepare meticulous instructions on day to day operations and what to do in case of emergency.
  6. Set availability times and boundaries – Though you may not be able to totally unplug while vacationing, set boundaries and specific times when you’ll be available. Schedule a few hours a day that your clients or staff can reach you by phone, and check and respond to emails before the end of business hours so that you can limit interruptions. Don’t allow your clients or employees to call you when any little thing comes up. Give them a go to person who can handle situations in your absence.
  7. Shorten your vacation time – It may be unrealistic to spend three weeks away from your small business. But that doesn’t mean a three to seven days off will not be pleasurable enough for you to get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

You have worked hard for your time off and truly deserve to get away. You have prepared your staff and they know what to do. You have informed your clients and they know what to expect. So, it is time to relax, have fun, and enjoy your time away. And if you are planning a vacation we hope that you will consider Fantasy World Resort, one of the best Kissimmee vacation resorts, that is located just minutes from the parks. We provide spacious accommodations in villas that sleep six and comes fully equipped with a full kitchen, living room and cable TV. We also offer packages to visit theme parks and we have lots of on-site attractions. There is something absolutely magical for people of all ages at Fantasy World Resort.

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