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SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration
SeaWorld may bring to mind images of the warm tropics, filled with spectacular sea creatures and summer fun. Yet you’ll find plenty of Christmas cheer and festivities at this popular Central Florida park. If you’re staying at one of the Kissimmee Florida resorts this holiday season, don’t miss a chance to visit SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.

On select nights through December 31, SeaWorld takes on a new look with festive lights, entertainment, live shows and more that celebrate the holiday season. The Christmas Celebration is included in the regular park admission.

Perhaps not surprisingly — even in Florida — one of the must-see shows is Winter Wonderland on Ice. This spectacular ice-skating extravaganza features show-stopping moves as well as dazzling colors, towering water fountains, and amazing fireworks after the last show of the evening.

O Wondrous Night tells the story of Christmas through the eyes of the animals. With a mix of puppetry, dance, and live animals, this show is both touching and light hearted. There’s even a live nativity featuring camels, goats, sheep, an alpaca, a zebu and a flock of white doves.

Among the special Christmas shows is Shamu® Christmas Miracles, which combines majestic seasonal music with soaring killer whales. The story told is one of understanding, peace and friendship, as well as the everyday miracles that surround us throughout the year.

Along with all of the special Christmas shows, SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration creates a wonderful winter wonderland that includes a sea of lighted trees sparkling over the lake, entertainment inspired by the natural world, and plenty of festive food. You can even wander through the lakeside Christmas Market and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday spirit, full of cinnamon, spice and everything nice. The market is a great place to find unique, artisan gifts to give for the holidays or take home as a wonderful reminder of your trip.

Staying at one of the Kissimmee Florida resorts, such as Fantasy World, is the ideal way to see all of the parks and attractions, as well as celebrate the holidays. With their spacious villas that include full-size kitchens and other useful amenities, it is easy to celebrate in style and comfort, creating wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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