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Save on Meals at Your Orlando Vacation Resort


When planning the budget for a vacation in Orlando, food is a significant cost – you can save by choosing a resort with kitchen facilities in each unit (such as the beautiful townhomes at Fantasy World) and planning your meals in advance. These tips will help:

  • If possible and practical, bring some of your favorite non-perishable food items with you. This will not only likely save money, it will be more convenient – especially if you have family members on restricted diets or who are just picky eaters.
  • Put a trip to the grocery store on your agenda for immediately after your arrival. Stock up on supplies for breakfast and snacks. If you enjoy wine and beer, put those on your shopping list as well. However, remember that you’re not shopping for home. Buy smaller quantities, only as much as you’ll eat during your stay (or have room in your luggage to take home).
  • Enjoy your pre-dinner drinks and appetizers before you arrive at the restaurant. Take advantage of the ambiance of your Orlando vacation resort to extend your evening by starting your dining experience before you leave for the restaurant. Your final bill will be much lower if it doesn’t include those items.
  • Remember that most restaurant portions are large enough for at least two meals. Share entrees rather than buying separate meals for each person (you’ll have plenty to eat and save money, even if the restaurant imposes a sharing charge). Or ask the server to divide your meal before it’s served and package up half so you can bring it back to your resort and enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day.
  • Keep in mind that most attractions allow guests to bring in their own food. While eating in the restaurants is often part of the park experience, consider packing at least your own snacks and beverages to take with you.

With just a little planning, you can save a lot on meals and use that money to pay for creating lifelong memories.

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