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Reasons to Stay Off-Site When Visiting Disney World

When it comes to choosing where to stay when planning a Disney World vacation, there are more places available than just the Disney resorts and the usual hotel chains. In fact, there’s a huge selection of places available that may actually fit your needs better. The vacation villas in Kissimmee FL at FantasyWorld tick off plenty of the boxes of those who prefer to stay off-site when visiting Disney.

  • Price: Probably the biggest reason people stay off-site is the price difference. You can get more for your money, quite often, when staying at other resorts and hotels. Some, like FantasyWorld, also offer discounts when you book your vacation villa and tickets to some of the parks, including Disney World.
  • Room Size: Quite often, the rooms at Disney are fairly small, especially if you have babies and children in tow who need more than just a few changes of clothes and some basic toiletries. Unless you stay in one of the expensive resorts, you’re not going to have much room. FantasyWorld, however, offers individual vacation villas that sleep up to six and include plenty of space to spread out, including a living room area and a private patio.
  • Food Requirements: Dining at Disney can be fun, especially if it’s a character meal, but it can also be expensive and finding enough items to meet the tastes of picky eaters or those with food issues can be difficult. Some of the Disney hotels have small kitchenettes, but they rarely have all of the items you may need. At FantasyWorld, every villa has a full kitchen, complete with the necessary accessories. Plus, you can shop online at Publix grocery store and have the food delivered directly to your villa. This also helps you save money as you don’t have to eat out for every meal and can take along some favorite snacks, as well.
  • More Amenities: The Disney resorts are fairly standard hotels, so they usually don’t have a wide variety of amenities that some other off-site resorts may have. FantasyWorld offers more than just a swimming pool. We have our own water park with pools, slides, lazy rivers, splash pads, and more. Plus, we offer a range of sporting equipment, and entertainment ranging from activities for the kids to movie nights for all to activities for the adults.
  • Orlando and More: For many people, Disney is just part of their Central Florida vacation. After all, there are other theme parks, not to mention the world-class beaches, and NASA! There are also great outdoor activities right in Kissimmee, just a short drive from FantasyWorld. Airboat explorations, Gatorland, hot air balloons, and more are some of the fun you can have right in Kissimmee, and getting to other locations is easy.

These are just some of the reasons to choose an off-site location when planning your Disney vacation. You’ll find that it’s nice to get away from it all for a little while and be able to relax, spread out and enjoy the food, amenities, and other attractions that are available at FantasyWorld vacation villas in Kissimmee FL. You can book just the villas or you can choose one of the various vacation packages. Contact us today at 407-396-1808 or book online through our website. You’ll be glad you did!

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