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How to Preserve Your Kids’ Vacation Memories

When we travel, we invariably end up with lots of memories and many seem like they’ll stick with us forever. Yet, over time, some of those small, priceless treasures disappear from our memories. Young children may be even more likely to forget those special family vacations, so it helps if you encourage them to find special ways to remember their big summer trip to another country or even all the fun they had at a Kissimmee resort like Fantasy World. If you take regular trips, you could start a lifelong tradition for your kids through the way they save memories.

Travel Journal
This is a simple but meaningful way to remember each day of your vacation. If your children are too small to write, write down some of the highlights for them and be sure to ask them what their favorite parts of the day were. It will be fun to see what stood out for them in years to come. You can also use the journal to stick in ticket stubs, special fliers, photos, and other flat mementoes.

Photo Album
We all take photos all of the time now, especially with cameras on our phones and tablets, not to mention the regular cameras that are perfectly pocket sized. Yet with digital photography, we often don’t bother doing anything with all of those photos except saving them to a folder on a computer. They can easily get lost over time, so go ahead and pick out your favorite photos and print them out for a dedicated travel photo album. Plus, now it’s easy to create your own photo books using simple software. What better way to remember each special vacation!

Special Souvenirs

Everyone is likely to pick up a variety of souvenirs on each trip, but you may want to encourage your children to pick one type of souvenir that they always get, in order to create a special collection. It could be T-shirts, spoons, postcards, magnets, or some other type of object. The fun is seeing that collection grow over time. Try to pick items that are affordable and easy to find anywhere.

Memory Box
Sometimes we end up gathering an array of small mementoes during a trip and they may not all fit in a journal. Maybe you picked up some sand dollars on a day at the beach during your stay at the Fantasy World Kissimmee resort, or you need a safe space to store your Mickey ears. A small, dedicated box is a wonderful way to store all of those little items we all like to keep. Receipts in a foreign language, a bag full of postcards, your individual travel journal, the map with your route highlighted … Each memory box is a special way to combine all of your travel memories in one place, becoming something special to open up, helping you revisit each trip.

However you choose to remember your vacations, the more personal stories and notes that you can quickly write down, the more you’ll remember in the years to come. Your children will love trying to remember these trips and you’ll treasure the memories they bring back to life.

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