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Preparing for Halloween at Disney

There’s a lot that goes into planning and packing for any trip to Disney, but when Halloween creeps into the mix, you’ll probably want to put even more thought into it all. Staying at one of the villas in Kissimmee, like Fantasy World, is a great start, because it gives you a great location, plenty of space, and extra benefits and amenities that make it easier to get full enjoyment out of any trip to Disney. Here are a few more tips to make sure you have a magical and spooktacular good time this Halloween.

First and foremost, make sure you look up the rules for costumes. Disney can be quite strict about what you wear, especially regarding face masks (which are a complete no no!) and the length of costumes and capes. Accessories such as transparent wings, plastic light sabers, and toy swords are acceptable, but in general, weapons shouldn’t be sharp or look at all like real weapons. Plus, remember that lugging around extra accessories is going to get tiring, so try to keep your costume simple. You also don’t want a heavy, warm costume that you’ll soon come to regret.

Speaking of getting overheated, don’t forget that October in Florida can still be incredibly warm. Be sure to check the weather forecast, because temperatures are often in the high 80s. A lightweight costume or simply a fun themed T-shirt and shorts might be your best option. You will also find plenty of costumes at some of the shops in the park, so if you get there and really want a costume, you can find something easily.

If you’re planning on taking the kids to the special Halloween trick-or-treating evenings, make sure to pack a sturdy candy bag. The characters you meet along the way are sure to have plenty of bags for you, but a sturdy, lightweight, themed bag will make carrying all of that candy treasure much easier.

Finally, don’t forget comfy shoes. Even if they don’t look right with your costume, you’ll be glad you went the smart route. A full day of walking around the park makes comfortable shoes one of the most important things to pack, any time of the year. If you’re getting your photo taken by a Photopass Photographer, you can always ask them to shoot you from the knees up so that your shoes don’t clash with your costume.

Aside from having plenty of space to get dressed up in your costumes, villas in Kissimmee at Fantasy World also include a washer and dryer in every villa. That means that if your favorite T-shirt or costume gets stained or just stinky, you can easily wash it and be ready for another round of Halloween fun at the park.

With a bit of thoughtful planning, Halloween at Disney can be a truly memorable experience. And don’t forget that a pair of mouse ears is always a great accessory!

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