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Planning A Family Reunion

Whether your family is spread out across a few states or around the world, a family reunion is a wonderful way to catch up and meet the newest additions. However, planning a family reunion takes a lot of effort in order to get everyone together. Choosing a location that appeals to everyone is one of the first considerations. For that reason, the Fantasy World vacation villas in Kissimmee FL are an excellent choice.

Potentially, you need to gauge the interest for a family reunion a year and a half to two years in advance. Create a full family contact list, and start narrowing down dates, locations, and venues. One of the reasons Fantasy World is such an excellent choice is that besides its close proximity to all of the amusement parks, shopping, dining, and more that is available in Central Florida, the resort also serves as an ideal venue for your reunion. The villas accommodate up to six people and include full kitchens and a washer and dryer. The banquet room on site fits 100 guests, and you have the option of providing your own food or using their caterers. There are also activity areas geared specifically for children and adults, not to mention the resort’s extensive water park.

With 12-18 months to go before your reunion, you should have the budget determined, along with the venue and dates. You should also send out the RSVPs now so that with 9-12 months to go, you can start making reservations so you don’t miss out. If you haven’t already put together a team of volunteers, do so now and start delegating.

With six to nine months before the reunion, start creating a schedule of activities. You’ll also want to send out the finalized invitation that includes the location, dates, costs, and requests for any special dietary or access requirements. If you’re hiring photographers, caterers, etc., now is the time to finalize those reservations.

With four to six months to go, order any special keepsakes or party favors, such as T-shirts, family history booklets, or any other more personalized items. Go ahead and confirm your reservations with any venues or services you’ll be using.

As the event gets closer, start finalizing the menu and schedule, follow up on any outstanding RSVPs, and create a list of any items you will need to gather for the event.

Finally, in the last few weeks before the big reunion, put together all of the welcome bags, prizes, name tags and similar items. Make sure all of the volunteers know exactly what they need to get done and make the final confirmations with your venues and service people. Keep a checklist so you can mark off tasks as they’re finished, giving you a clear idea of what is left to be done.

If you choose the Fantasy World vacation villas in Kissimmee FL, you not only have a great location that people will look forward to visiting, you’ll also have an outstanding venue designed to make family reunions a major success. Not to mention you can get a group rate if you call in advance to plan your event. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with an event full of priceless family memories.

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