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Pinterest Road Trip Hacks

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Road trip! In your 20s, those are exciting words with the potential for plenty of fun and laughter along the way. As you get older and add kids into the mix, the excitement level may drop slightly with worries about messes and keeping everyone entertained. Fortunately, no matter the age, if your final destination is a resort in Kissimmee like Fantasy World, there’s plenty to look forward to and keep you motoring. With the help of Pinterest, you can also find plenty of road trip hacks to make your trip even easier. Here are a few of our favorites.

Whether you’re heading out for a spring break bash or taking the kids to see the famous mouse for the first time, you’ll probably find yourself eating in the car at some point. Cars have plenty of cup holders these days, but finding an easy way to eat burgers, fries and other fast food can get messy. To make things easier, get a few plastic shower caddies. They can easily hold a sandwich, fries, apple slices, and even a drink. Everything stays contained, but it eliminates digging around the bottom of a bag for all of those loose fries.

Speaking of cup holders, they can get sticky and gritty pretty easily on a road trip. To keep them clean, get some silicon cupcake liners. They easily hold loose change, lip balm, and all of those odds and ends that accumulate, with the benefit of being easy to remove and clean as needed.

If you’re travelling with young ones, a hanging shoe organizer is a great way to keep everything from baby wipes to toys. You don’t have to go rummaging around in bags and you can give bigger kids a place to store a variety of toys and books to keep them entertained easily.

Drawing and coloring in a car can be difficult, but if you use cookie trays, you can create the perfect desk area. The raised edges help keep crayons and pencils contained. You can also use suction-cup shower holders that can be attached to car doors and ledges to keep even more art supplies in easy reach.

By the time you reach your resort in Kissimmee, you may find you’ve accumulated a lot of trash along the way. To keep all of your garbage from taking over the car, use a plastic cereal container lined with a bag to hold all of those napkins, wrappers, and other trash.

If you’re planning a road trip to Fantasy World, check out Pinterest for some more travel hacks to make your trip as fun and easy as possible.

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