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Perfect Your Tennis Game on our New Courts

Wimbledon has just finished and the US Open is still to come. If you’re a tennis fan planning a stay this summer at Fantasy World, a resort in Kissimmee, you can practice your own tennis game as if you’re going to be facing players like Serena Williams or Roger Federer. Fantasy World has brand new courts that any guest can use, whether you’re a complete novice or dream of going pro. There are a multitude of tennis shots to learn, but here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time on the courts.

If your past experience with a tennis racket has been limited to playing air guitar, then you’ll need to learn a few basics to get you started. If you’ve won the coin toss and will be serving first, there are various serve shots you can make. The kick serve, with practice, can be the most consistent in terms of landing in the appropriate spot in the service box, as well as being difficult to return. The key is to generate enough topspin by hitting up on the ball and snapping the wrist when you make contact. The ball travels high over the net and if enough kick is generated, it will bounce high enough to make a forehand or backhand return difficult.

If you’re on the receiving end, simply keeping the ball in play is a good start. If you’ve managed that, then you’ll move on to the ground strokes that make up the quintessential tennis play. Essentially, you have a forehand and backhand shot. Both are played with your dominant hand, though the forehand is typically played with one hand, while the backhand can be played one- or two-handed. No matter which stroke you use, you can add some topspin, where you brush up and over the ball, or you can use a flat shot, which is often used when you don’t want to give your opponent much time to react.

Of course, if you’ve already got the basics down, there are other tips to keep in mind to help you improve your individual game. First and foremost, stick with the shots that you know you can do. Amateur players often try to get too creative, trying a variety of shots. It is better to stick with a pattern of shots that you know are your strongest.

When you’re up to serve, aim for accuracy over speed. Too often, players are going for maximum velocity and losing accuracy, which can also lead to a loss of points if you end up with a double fault. By focusing, you’ll be more likely to score that ace.

Remaining focused and calm and sticking with your strengths will go a long way to improving your tennis game. Plus, you’re on vacation, so relax and enjoy your time on the courts. And if you do win, you can always celebrate with some of the other great amenities available at this top-notch resort in Kissimmee.

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