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Pandora Is Disney’s new Avatar-inspired Attraction

If you’re planning a trip to visit the various theme parks in Orlando, it may seem the obvious choice to stay in Orlando itself or at one of the theme park hotels. Yet that often means high prices for very little room. Instead, consider one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, such as Fantasy World. Here, you’ll find lots of space in their affordable villas, as well as a water park and other entertainment included. Kissimmee is just a short drive from parks like Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where the new Pandora: The World of Avatar has just opened.

Inspired by the Avatar film, Pandora is a new land at Animal Kingdom where visitors will get to take in a lush, green space filled with Pandoran plants and other vegetation. You’ll feel immersed in this environment. Along with all of the colorful plants and moss that are reclaiming the structures left behind by those who wanted to destroy the land, visitors will be impressed by the views of the floating mountains that look much like inverted pyramids.

Fortunately, this Pandora is one many years after the conflict in the film, so Earth visitors get to experience a peaceful welcome from the Na’vi who are happy to show off a part of their beautiful world, the Valley of Mo’ora. However, don’t expect to see the Na’vi in person around the park. At close to 12-feet tall, pictures and meet-and-greets are a bit challenging. Fortunately, you will see them on the rides and in the gift shop.

Of course, Pandora isn’t just great scenery. There are two rides to enjoy, ensuring there’s something for all ages. The Na’vi River Journey is a boat ride, that while dark, isn’t scary. Throughout the ride, you’ll see stunning bursts of bioluminescence before reaching the finale, an appearance by the (animatronic) shaman of songs.

Flight of Passage is the other ride, which takes visitors on a simulated trip above Pandora, stretching on and on towards the sea. There are multisensory effects as you’re taken for this breathtaking tour on a banshee, one of the flying predators with whom the Na’vi have developed a close relationship.

If you develop a close connection with the banshees, you can pick up a robotic banshee in the gift shop, which will perch on your shoulder. Windtraders is the main gift shop of the Pandora land and it’s located at the end of the Flight of Passage. Other gift shops offer face-painting kits and Na’vi-inspired tails and headbands.

Pandora also features the Satu’li Canteen, which takes the Na’vi approach to heart and serves natural, low-fat fare, which can be a welcome experience, especially if this visit falls toward the end of your theme-park vacation. However, if you stay at Fantasy World, one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, you will have your own full kitchen, which helps keep snacks and some meals a little healthier and Na’vi approved.

Whether you’re planning a visit to experience Pandora — the World of Avatar, or any of the other parks and attractions in Central Florida, you’ll find that Fantasy World is a great place to serve as your base of exploration.

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