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What to Pack to Help You Survive Disney with Toddlers

There’s no reason why toddlers can’t enjoy a trip to the most magical place on Earth. After all, Disney is made to be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, when exploring the parks with a toddler, it does pay to be prepared. If you stay at Fantasy World, one of the leading Kissimmee Florida resorts, you’ll have plenty of space and amenities to ensure you’re well prepared for this magical experience.

If you’re going to be visiting the parks with more than one child, it helps to have a bag for each child to hold all the necessary items. This way you can find any item more quickly. You’ll also want to have a stroller to hold both bag and child at various times throughout the day. If you can’t bring your own stroller, Disney does have strollers available to rent. However, they all look the same, so you should take a piece of stand-out ribbon to tie onto the stroller to help you remember which is yours.

Inside your bag, make sure you have sunscreen, water bottles, and snacks. This trinity of necessities is a must. Even during the winter in Florida or on overcast days, it is easy to get sunburned. Don’t ruin your trip by having any family member have to deal with the pain of a bad sunburn. It’s also important to stay hydrated, especially in warm, humid weather. By taking your own water bottles, you can easily fill them up for free at drinking fountains and soda fountain locations in the park. Finally, don’t forget snacks that can stand up to the heat. Crackers and pretzels are safe, easy snacks that can turn a cranky toddler — or adult — into a much calmer person in just a few minutes.

Even if your child is potty trained, it is a good idea to pack some diapers and a change of underwear. Long lines can sometimes lead to accidents. Similarly, you should consider packing a change of clothing in case of accidents of any sort, including spilled food and drinks. Sticky, stained clothing doesn’t feel good and doesn’t look good in all of those photos you’re likely to take.

Another handy item to include in your bag is a towel. As well as being useful if anyone gets wet on a ride, it can double as shade for the stroller, a blanket if it gets cooler in the evening, or even as a place to sit while waiting in line or waiting for evening parades and fireworks.

Finally, make sure you have some books or toys that can serve as a distraction while you’re waiting in line. You should also include an autograph book that toddlers can use to get signatures from their favorite characters. These books are a great way for shy toddlers to approach their favorite characters without being overwhelmed by hugs.

Of course, you should always include any important medication and a simple first-aid pack with bandaids and hand wipes, even though there are first-aid stations throughout the park. The important thing is to think about what your toddler is likely to need on a long day at the park and pack accordingly.

Fortunately, when you stay at Fantasy World, one of the great Kissimmee Florida resorts, you’ve got a wonderful place to prepare for any outing during your vacation, as well as a fun place to spend some of your vacation if a full day at the theme parks is too much for your toddler.

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