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Orlando Vacation Strategy: Tips for Taking Toddlers to Theme Parks

Orlando vacation resort

Though your toddler may be too young to remember much about your Orlando vacation resort or a trip to a Central Florida theme park, it can still be an experience you’ll treasure. These tips will make your visit fun for everyone and memorable for all the right reasons:

  • Choose the right attraction. Central Florida has an abundance of theme parks designed to appeal to a variety of ages. Visit the ones that are age-appropriate for your family. It’s not going to be much fun for a little one surrounded by “you must be this tall to ride” signs that limit participation.

• Make safety your highest priority. Follow the park’s policies. Attach your contact information (cell phone number) to your child in case you get separated in the crowd. Tell your child what to do if he or she gets lost. Take a picture of your children as you walk into the park so you have an image that includes what they’re wearing readily available if needed.

• Bring supplies. You don’t have to load yourself down with stuff, but bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, snacks and water bottles (items you know your youngster will eat and drink), diapers, a change of clothes, and, of course, your cell phone and/or a camera and batteries.

  • Let the little ones set the pace. Don’t force kids to do things they’re uncomfortable with, including meeting characters that might be frightening up close. If they don’t want to go on a ride at the last minute after waiting in line, that’s okay. And plan for some downtime.
  • Prevent the “buy me’s”. There will be things for sale everywhere. Tell your child he may have one souvenir at the end of the day so he can choose what he wants after he’s seen everything and you won’t have to carry the extra items around all day.

And if your child has a meltdown, it’s not the end of the world. If she doesn’t recover quickly, you may opt to return to your Orlando vacation resort for a few hours to rest and recover, then head back to the park.

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