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Must-Have Products for Your Dog’s Stay

Both returning and new guests to FantasyWorld, an outstanding Kissimmee resort, are thrilled that their canine companions (40 pounds and under) are now also welcome guests. To ensure they remain welcome, it helps to plan ahead and do some packing with your dog in mind. Obviously, you want your dog to feel comfortable and happy, but you also want to avoid any damage, noise and other aspects of life with a dog that could make the stay unpleasant. These tips will ensure everyone’s tail is wagging with joy!

Start off considering where your dog is going to sleep. If they usually sleep with you, then your best bet is to bring a large bedsheet to put on top of the sheets in the resort bed. This helps avoid any stains, dirt, and excess fur. Also if there is a comforter, remove it before the dog gets on the bed, to protect it.

If your dog doesn’t sleep with you, you’ll need to pack some sort of bed, depending on what your dog is used to. If they’re sofa sleepers, use that bedsheet to spread over the sofa in the spacious FantasyWorld villas, the same way you would over the bed. If your dog likes an actual dog bed, try to pack their bed if you’re driving. If you’re flying and don’t have room for a full bed in your luggage, consider a doggy duvet that you can stuff with your own dirty clothing during the trip, or fill with towels, at least at the start. The benefit of using the clothing in the special duvet cover is that the clothes smell like you, making your dog feel more comfortable and at home.

Speaking of making your dogs feel at home in the new environment, make sure you pack a supply of chew toys and other toys that they like. Stick with chew toys — which are great for helping to ease a dog’s anxiety in a new place — that they already know and like, so you don’t have to worry about upset stomachs. Also pack some toys for them to play with so that they don’t get restless and start barking or being a problem. If they love squeaky toys, consider purchasing one of the newer ultrasonic squeak toys. Your dog can hear it, but you, and most importantly, your neighbors, can’t hear that incessant squeaking! You might want these for home, too!

Dogs get easily distracted by strange noises, and may bark in response or at least be somewhat anxious and restless. Consider a white-noise app that will help all of you rest more easily and not be distracted by outside noises.

Finally, think about cleanup. Bring along a lint roller to get the fur that inevitably will end up on the furniture, no matter how carefully you cover it. Definitely don’t forget the poop bags and be hypervigilant about using them. No excuses! If your dog is a nervous pee-er or occasionally will mark their territory, you may want to bring along (or purchase when you get there) a cleaning product that specifically is an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of pet stains and odors.

Of course, you should pack food and bowls, and you may want to take along a gallon of water from home to help them adjust, just in case, especially if your dog has a delicate system. Stick with food, treats, and water that their bodies are already used to so that they have fewer things to be anxious about. Before you leave for your vacation, you may also want to get your dog used to going out to different places if they’re not typically travel buddies. It will make the trip less stressful if they’ve encountered a range of settings. Fortunately, FantasyWorld Kissimmee resort is practically like being at home, so hopefully you and your best dog will feel at ease and have a wonderful time.

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