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Magical Instagram Spots at the Magic Kingdom

These days, if it doesn’t show up on Instagram, did it even happen? Especially when it comes to vacations! The FantasyWorld Kissimmee vacation resort has plenty of Instagrammable spots, not to mention all of the comfort, fun, and convenience you could want in a vacation resort. But if you’re heading to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, there are certain must-Instagram spots. How you frame them is how you make your photo stand out!

Let’s start with something that doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, but is now so popular it has its own Instagram account: The Purple Wall! For a few years now, this simple — but pretty — purple wall, located at the entrance of Tomorrowland in Tomorrowland Terrace under the People Mover, has been a must-stop for a quick photo shoot for Instagram. The team at Disney recognized the popularity of this wall and has made sure to keep it looking its best and even added in a few extra decorations for more interesting photos, though you can always stick with the classic purple. Don’t forget to try the drink this wall has inspired, too! You’ll find similar colorful walls in many of the other Disney theme parks.

For an even stranger yet stunning spot, there’s the Tangled Bathrooms in Fantasyland. These are bathrooms, but you’re not really photographing inside — please don’t! — it’s the hallway and the outside that you want. The hallway features a fantastic flower mural inside, while the entrance is truly enchanting with the lanterns, stonework, more murals, and the Hookhand at the Piano poster. You may even want to visit twice to get a clear daytime shot and then return for a magical photo when the lanterns come on and cast a charming glow for an extra-Instagrammable photo.

Beauty and the Beast fans are sure to want to get the sought-after reservations for the Be Our Guest Restaurant. If you’re lucky to snag a table — try to reserve a couple of months in advance, they’re hard to come by — there’s plenty to see and photograph while you’re there, plus you get to enjoy a wonderful meal and get a photo with the Beast himself. The interior is like a grand ballroom with large crystal chandeliers, elegant furniture and serving carts. Of course, the stunning entrance to the restaurant, complete with large mythical creature statues, is definitely worth a photo op even if you can’t get reservations, and don’t miss some of the smaller details inside the restaurant, including the Enchanted Rose in the West Wing, and the romantic stained-glass window.

Main Street USA is a pretty photogenic street, even with all of the people, but for something special, try to get a shot with a bunch of balloons that the vendors sell. Unless you buy them all yourself, you won’t be able to take the photo holding onto them all on your own, but if you ask kindly, preferably when the vendor isn’t too busy, they will hold on to the balloons still, but will also let you hold on and you can either include them in the photo or crop it to look more like you’re holding the balloons on your own. Don’t forget to look around you and try to get something like the castle in the background for an even better photo!

Speaking of the castle, we’ve saved the best for last. The Cinderella Castle is an absolute must to photograph. It quickly gets crowded, but if you want to try to get a shot without a lot of people taking their own photos, get there first thing in the morning at opening time. The next best time is around 11 am when they close the walkway for the show. Be ready and prepared to get your photo quickly before they usher you through the castle to Fantasy Land. If there are a lot of people around, frame your photo to focus on you and the upper part of the castle to help cut out other people. That often makes for a more interesting photo, anyway. You can also try to get a photo in the gardens, offering a slightly different angle and the topiary helps block out some of the “extras”. Even better, get a lesser-photographed shot of the side of the castle — which is just as impressive if not more so with the moat — which can be found on the walkways from Liberty Square or Tomorrowland.

These are just a few of some of the more picturesque spots in the Magic Kingdom, but really, it’s hard not to find a great spot for some magical Instagrammable photos. Just look around, don’t be afraid to zoom in or aim up if you’re surrounded by others, and take photos in spots that mean something to you. FantasyWorld will be having it’s own Christmas Photo Booths for the month of December. Then you can return to the FantasyWorld Kissimmee vacation resort and start editing, uploading, hashtagging, and tagging your photos to Instagram for photos that will help keep your magical memories alive.

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