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How to Keep Your Pets Happy When You’re Away on Vacation

Planning your vacation at Fantasy World, one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL, is exciting for the whole family, but there’s one member of the family that won’t be so happy: your pets. They’ll miss you and you’ll miss them. You’ll also probably worry about their safety and well-being. After all, even close family and friends don’t know your furry friends as well as you do. To keep your pets safe and happy — whether you board them at a pet hotel, veterinarian’s office, or with friends or family — here are a few ways to set everyone up for success.

Update everyone’s ID. If your pets have microchips, but they have an old address or land-line phone number, get the information updated and make sure your cell phone number is listed. Your pets tags should also be updated, and if they’re staying with a friend or family member, consider making a new tag with that person’s information for use during their stay. There are also some specialized tags now available that contain your contact information, social media accounts, and emergency contacts, to cover all of the bases should your pet get loose.

Leave detailed instructions. If you’re boarding your pet, they may think to ask the basics, regarding food and medicine, but be prepared with specific amounts and times so there’s no confusion. This is especially important if your pet is staying with friends or family. Let them know how many treats can be given and when, and make sure they understand that there are certain foods pets shouldn’t have at all. Also, if your pet needs medicine, leave details on the best way of administering them, such a specific cheeses or crunchy or smooth peanut butter. Go through your dog’s daily schedule and write it all out for their carer. Pets like their schedules and the fewer interruptions, the more comfortable they will be.

Highlight any personal quirks. You know your dog or cat’s personality and may not think twice about what you do to keep them happy and safe. But if your cat hates thunderstorms or your dog doesn’t get along with a particular dog at the dog park, it is important to mention these things to the carer. Does your cat have specific litterbox requirements? Does your dog lunge at passing bicycles? Do you have to keep delivery boxes out of reach? Make sure you let their carer know the kind of details that can be destructive or dangerous, especially pets that like to bolt out an open door or slip out of their collars on walks.

Heading off to one of the resorts in Kissimmee FL promises a vacation of fun in the sun, but to put your pet and your mind at ease, don’t forget to leave behind their favorite toys, blankets, and even a T-shirt that you’ve worn, so they don’t feel quite so alone. Hopefully you and your pets will both enjoy your vacations and be all the happier to see each other when you return.

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