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Innovative Ways of Eliminating Lines at Theme Parks

A trip to Central Florida — full of sunshine, outstanding Fantasy World villas in Kissimmee, and theme parks galore — is a dream come true. Seeing your favorite characters, watching spectacular shows, and riding everything from stately boat rides to white-knuckle thrillers makes every theme park worth a visit. Kids and adults feel the excitement of these trips, but the one thing that mars any theme park visit is the inevitable long lines. The parks know this and are working on ways to make the waiting time more enjoyable.

While there’s little that the theme parks can do to actually eliminate the wait time, they are trying to eliminate the long, snaking, boring lines in which people shuffle along, waiting their turn. Parents, in particular, dread this part of the visit, as this is when children tend to get cranky and bored and there are only so many distractions available. Although still in the early stages, theme parks are starting to try out virtual lines and other ways of helping visitors avoid boring waits.

“Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon”, a new ride at Universal Orlando Resort, replaces the usual line with couches, a barbershop quartet, interactive touch screens and more. While waiting their turn for the ride, visitors have the chance to wander around a lobby that looks like Rockefeller Center, looking at photos and memorabilia and watching video clips. There is also a lounge area with couches and other forms of entertainment. Guests are alerted to their turn on the ride by color-coded tickets or smartphone apps. This new level of comfort and entertainment eliminates the line completely and is a big step forward from past attempts to at least provide something interesting to look at while standing in line.

However, there’s still a waiting period. To eliminate wait times all together, Universal will be trying out a new method later this year when they open the new Volcano Bay water park. Guests will be given wristbands that alert them when it is their turn on a ride. This allows them to enjoy more of the park instead of spending their time waiting around aimlessly.

The proliferation of smartphone apps and wristband technology — as well as the decrease in patience for waiting in lines — has theme parks working overtime to find new ways to make the waiting time more enjoyable or eliminate waiting completely.

If you want to experience these new virtual lines, make a reservation for one of the villas in Kissimmee at Fantasy World and get ready for a whole new world of theme park enjoyment.

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