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How to Surprise Your Kids With a Disney Trip

A trip to Disney World is pretty exciting in its own right, but how you tell your kids can add a whole new dimension of fun to the experience. Surprise announcements through special letters, games, and more will become part of the family’s memories of the vacation. Add in a stay at one of the Fantasy World Kissimmee vacation villas, which features its own fun and attractions, and you’ll have a vacation that the whole family talks about for years and years to come.

How you choose to surprise your children with a trip to Disney depends on your children. Some handle surprises well, while others need time to process. Whatever route you go, keep their personalities in mind so that any tears are only tears of joy. Also, depending on their age, keep the surprise as close to the actual event as possible, as younger children won’t necessarily grasp the concept of having to wait more than a week or so. If your kids will handle it well, surprising them with a trip to Disney right now would certainly be exciting and memorable!

For less immediate surprises, consider creating or downloading fun printables specifically designed to give your children some sort of word game or puzzle that spells out a Disney trip. If you create your own game, you could include some history and geography, such as the Florida state flag, the Sunshine State motto, oranges, the fact that Florida was the 27th state, or the shape of the state, before ending up with the final reveal.

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun and the final prize can be a box with your child’s favorite Disney character and a note that says, “We’re going to Disney!”. If you play board games, you could try working the surprise into the game, such as a special Community Chest card in Monopoly, or a Disney-related image in Pictionary, or spell it out in Hangman.

If you have some Disney memorabilia that you could hide in an unexpected place, use that to spring the surprise. For example, if you ask your child to empty the dishwasher, have it be empty except for a pair of Mouse Ears. Another option is to hide an old Disney map in the napkins and surprise them when they uncover it.

If you’re going to announce the trip on Christmas day, let the last gift be Disney themed and announce it that way. You could also do an advent calendar leading up to Christmas with various Disney-related items.

For children who can handle a big surprise on the actual day, consider waking them up with their bags packed and special Disney travel bags to take on the plane with them. Or pretend to take them grocery shopping or on some other unexciting daily trip and surprise them in the car with their Disney travel bags (and the trunk already loaded with your luggage).

The key is to find a time and method that will suit your children. If they’re older, you can always surprise them in advance and then let them be involved in making plans for the trip, such as helping book one of the Kissimmee vacation villas at Fantasy World. Let them see all of the amenities and games and water features available at the resort to add to the excitement of the vacation. Whether you go big or small with your surprise, it will all be part of your wonderful memories of a magical vacation.

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