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How to Save Money on Food at Disney World

A trip to Disney World is a significant expense, but there are ways to save money and still have a great time, including saving money on dining. One great way to save money is to reserve a Kissimmee vacation villa at FantasyWorld Resort. Our villas include a full kitchen, which allows you to save money making a few meals – especially breakfast – as well as packing snacks for a day at Disney. Still, dining at Disney is part of the fun, so here are some money-saving tips to help.

When looking for table-service restaurants, you’re better off not going for the big-name restaurants in the park. The bigger the name, the larger the bill, usually. You’ll find that the lesser-known restaurants are usually more affordable and the food is often better.

An easy way to save money is simply to skip the soda and save it for back at the vacation villa. You can get cold water for free throughout the park, so save your money and stick with water. If you’re worried about the taste, take a filter water bottle with you.

When it comes to meals, look for ones that come with sides included. If you have to add sides, they’re going to cost much more than they’re usually worth. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, always seem costly, so eat them at your villa with other meals or take your own in a cooler bag for snacks. Taking your own snacks – beef jerky, nuts, etc. – will help stave off any real hunger. You may also want to order kids meals for the adults and let young kids share an adult entree, depending on how hungry everyone is.

You may want to reconsider any of the cupcakes and other overpriced snacks. Try to limit your snack budget to no more than $5 per snack, as many have become more costly and smaller over the years. Don’t give up on snacks completely, but be sensible, as snacks for a family of four quickly add up! Try to get the best value for your money – and obviously something you will really like.

These are a few simple tips to help you save some money when it comes to dining at Disney World. You shouldn’t have to do a lot of research in advance, but get an idea of costs at dine-in and quick-service places so you can help set a daily budget and know where you can splurge. Making a healthy filling breakfast at a Kissimmee vacation villa at FantasyWorld Resort will save you money and give you a good start to your day. Consider one of our vacation packages as you plan your next Disney World vacation.

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