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How to Plan a Vacation to Make the Whole Family Happy

A family vacation is always something to look forward to, but there’s inevitably a few moments of crankiness from all ages. While heat, hunger and tiredness may be unavoidable, there are ways to plan your vacation to ensure the minimum of fuss and the maximum enjoyment. Staying in a Kissimmee Florida resort like Fantasy World solves a lot of your planning problems.

When you pick your destination — Central Florida offers world-class theme parks and so much more — make sure you have a clear sense of your budget. There will be souvenirs, snacks, and other random costs, so try to save as much money as possible by planning ahead.  For example, choose accommodations that include a full-size kitchen, as Fantasy World does, because you can save money on meals instead of eating out constantly. It also means you can more easily pack your own snacks for days out, which helps prevent the dreaded short fuse that can hit anyone when they’re hungry. Saving money here means you can plan to splurge more comfortably on a few more exciting meals.

Once you know how much you can spend, get the whole family together to pick out the must-see and must-do highlights of the trip. This lets everyone have a say in picking attractions that will appeal to everyone. If the family is split evenly on two attractions, consider letting each group do their preference one day, so that there’s less potential for boredom and whining. Fortunately, Kissimmee is home to everything from ziplines to the Gatorland zoo and close to plenty of other attractions. By splitting up for one day or even half a day, it also gives everyone more to talk about when they come back together.

Even though you may only have a week or so and want to see and do as much as possible, it’s important to have some down time. That could be a leisurely lunch in the middle of a long, hot day, or it could be a full day or half day spent relaxing by the hotel pool. Fantasy World offers water slides, multiple pools, an array of sport options, games, crafts, and much more to keep all ages entertained. Taking time out lets everyone rest and not get overwhelmed.

Finally, be flexible. When you’re making your plans, pick two or three days worth of activities that the whole family wants, and then keep a list of other things to do depending on time, energy levels and overall mood. If you space out the day-long activities, that lets you enjoy them more without getting burned out.

The Kissimmee Florida resort of Fantasy World provides multiple ways to make the most of your plans. You get spacious villas that sleep six with a full kitchen, living room, and cable. They also offer special package deals for many of the theme parks, and a wealth of on-site attractions that are a vacation in their own, making it easier for you to save money, relax, and still see the sites. From toddlers to teenagers and parents, as well, everyone will feel like they’ve had a magical, fantastic vacation.

*We will be spending some time refurbishing our lap pool, lazy river, water slides and kiddie splash pad at the end of this summer. Please mark your calendars that the smaller lap pool will be closed as of August 20, 2018, for approximately 2 weeks. Since this is an outside project we will have to depend on the weather and cannot give an exact date for completion. Our guests will still be able to enjoy the main pool, lazy river and water slides. On Sept 4, 2018 (or when the first project is complete) the lazy river, water slides and kiddie splash pad will be closed for refurbishment. This is a bigger project and we expect this project will take a month to complete. The main pool and lap pool will remain open at this time.

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