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How to Pay for a Magical Vacation

Vacations are rarely inexpensive, but the reality is that a Disney World vacation can be very expensive, especially if you have more than one child. Fortunately, there’s a payment plan available, almost like layaway, that can help you save up for your vacation to the most magical place on Earth and not feel as much of the financial pinch. Plus, if you stay at FantasyWorld resort in Kissimmee FL, you can save more money while still having extra space, a full kitchen, a water park, games, and more, all within the resort. It’s like an extra vacation within a vacation!

Fortunately, Disney understands that a trip to their parks can be expensive, so they’ve created a payment plan for their Disney World vacation packages. You pay in advance, but you can spread the payments out over 499 days, all interest free, which is better than paying using a credit card. Of course, you could use the credit card for smaller payments that you can pay off each month in full and get some points if you have such a card.

You do have to put down a deposit of $200 within three days of booking your vacation package in order to save your reservation date. This money does go toward your total, so you’re not paying extra. From that point on, you can make payments according to a schedule that works best for you. Just remember that you must pay in full 30 days before your vacation. You can pay it off earlier, but no later than the 30 days before your visit.

With 499 days available to pay in advance, it also helps to plan your trip well in advance to give you as much time as possible to pay off your trip. Suddenly, your trip seems much more affordable, because you can pay it off over a longer period, with smaller payments that are much easier to fit into your budget. You could book a year in advance and have 11 months to pay for it. Always remember that that final balance payment is due 30 days before your arrival.

You can make payments weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or in multiple lump sums. The only requirement is that any payment must be at least $20. Many people choose equal monthly payments, which are easy to work into your monthly budget. Determine how much your trip is going to cost and then assess how much you can pay each month to decide how far in advance you want to book your visit.

You can arrange these payments through Disney directly, or you can use a licensed Disney vacation planner or travel company to set everything up. Just as there’s no interest on your payment plan, there’s no cost to work with these Disney planners, as they are paid by Disney.

Once you have your dates locked in, don’t forget to book your vacation villa at FantasyWorld resort in Kissimmee FL. You’ll love the spaciousness in the villas that sleep six, not to mention all of the on-site entertainment and fun on offer. You can easily spend a day just at FantasyWorld, enjoying the water park, games, crafts, and relaxation.

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