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How to Have Your Best Orlando Theme Park Visit

As you plan your trip to Central Florida to enjoy the variety of Orlando theme parks, be sure to make your reservations at FantasyWorld, an outstanding Kissimmee FL resort. Our vacation villas, water park, games, and more are a great addition to any trip to the area. Plus, with our villas having complete kitchens, they help make your trip to all of the theme parks even better.

  • Make Your Reservations. For Disney World, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, you will need a park reservation and valid admission ticket for the park—for each day you’d like to visit. Check to see if your desired date and theme park is currently available before purchasing your ticket, Annual Pass or vacation package. Given the limited availability of park reservations, it’s recommended that you make your theme park reservations immediately after purchasing your admission. For SeaWorld, the Universal Parks, and LEGOLAND Parks, you no longer need reservations, but you do need to purchase one of their ticket options.
  • Skip the Lines. All of the parks offer some form of express pass for a limited number of rides. They cost extra, but are a great way to skip long lines for your favorite rides.
  • Miss the Crowds. It’s worth it to get up early and be at the parks before opening time. The crowds are smaller, so you can spend less time in line and enjoy more rides before the crowds start to arrive. Plus, it’s cooler in the mornings, which will keep your energy up.
  • Go Right! This is a quirky one, but studies show people tend to head to the left when visiting theme parks. So if you get there early and go right, you’ll have even shorter lines!
  • Be Prepared. Have a plan on the general route you want to take and the rides that are the most important. Of course, you’re going to be taking lots of photos, so make sure you’re also prepared with a portable phone charger, though some parks have free charging stations in certain locations, but it’s best to have your own. Rain storms in the afternoon aren’t uncommon, so a plastic poncho that doesn’t take up much room in a bag is a good idea or just take a moment to find some shelter until it likely passes quickly. It will offer a nice break.
  • Smart Shoes. Forget fashion and focus on comfort. Hopefully, you have shoes that look nice and are comfortable and provide the kind of support you need for walking all day. Don’t take brand new shoes; make sure any shoes are broken in so you don’t get blisters.
  • Pack Snacks. You can take your own food and drinks into most parks and it’s a good way to save some money while also staving off hangry outbursts. Kids and adults tend to get grumpy when they’re hungry, so having some simple snacks will help avoid breakdowns between meals. The FantasyWorld villas have full kitchens and you can order grocery delivery, ensuring you are able to pack the kinds of snacks that will most appeal to you and your family/friends.

These tips will go a long way to ensuring you have a positive experience at all of the Orlando theme parks. Add in a spacious, comfortable stay in the vacation villas at FantasyWorld, an exciting Kissimmee FL resort with plenty of onsite attractions, and you’ll have a trip that is sure to create wonderful lasting memories. Don’t miss our theme park vacation packages!

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