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How to Get Over Jet Lag

You’ve been planning your big trip to Central Florida for months, making lists of all the places you want to go, checking out vacation rentals in Kissimmee, and making sure you’ve got plenty of memory storage for all of those photos you’ll take. With so much anticipation, don’t let jet lag interfere with your fun. There may not be one simple way to avoid jet lag, but there are ways to lessen its impact so you can make the most of your vacation.

Typical symptoms of jet lag include disrupted sleep patterns, headaches, exhaustion, and can even include diarrhea or constipation. Add in extra physical activity and an often less-healthy diet and the combination of travel and jet lag can have a big impact on your vacation.

Before you go, start trying to adjust your sleep patterns to match up with your final destination. Even if you can’t completely change, at least get used to going to bed a little bit earlier (or later) depending on your direction of travel. During your flight, stay hydrated and try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, because dehydration can make jet lag symptoms worse. Avoid sleeping pills, however, as they won’t help your body naturally adjust.

Once you arrive at your destination, try to spend as much of the first day outdoors as possible. The extra sunlight will help you adjust better to the new time zone. With vacation rentals in Kissimmee, such as Fantasy World, even if you don’t have major plans for your first day, there are plenty of attractions at the resort to help you get your sunshine and get enough activity to help you start to adjust.

Ideally, you’ll get at least four hours of anchor sleep each night. If you’re used to seven or eight hours of sleep each night and don’t get your full amount, take naps during the day to help you make up for lost sleep. At least that way you won’t crash and burn from exhaustion. Of course, if you’re only going to be on vacation for four days or less, you can simply try to stick to your regular sleeping and eating schedule as much as possible.

If you have only traveled through a couple of time zones, you should hopefully be able to adjust without too much trouble. Physical activity and general excitement should get you through the day and help you sleep through the night. If you’re traveling further distances, try to schedule your outings each day to match up to when you will likely be at your best. And stop converting the time in your head!

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